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Spectacular Wentzville Landscape Lighting Creates Customer’s Dream Backyard

When you purchased your home, was it already the finished product you dreamt of? This often isn’t the case for many homeowners. Home alterations usually occur in two different scenarios. One is soon after a home is purchased so the property matches the homeowner’s vision. The second is when a home feels outdated and needs new elements to make it feel exciting again.

This Wentzville, Missouri customer’s home was no different! When we were first approached by this homeowner a year ago, we were asked to install an average sized landscape lighting system. In the time since, however, this customer fully revamped their backyard with a pool, landscape porch, and patio. To match these exciting additions, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives was approached again to put the finishing touches on this backyard paradise!

Wentzville custom landscape lighting

St. Charles Landscape Lighting and Custom Path Lighting

To ensure that this sprawling backyard and pool area was adequately lit from the ground up, we wanted to create a ring of beautiful light around the property. Pathlights were an obvious first choice to outline the hardscape surrounding the pool area and softly illuminate the transition from patio to grass. Pathway lights are incredibly versatile, so we also used them on the outer perimeter of the yard to create the perfect backdrop for any evening gathering.

Pathway lighting installer Wentzville

Attraction Lighting with Artful Bollard Lighting Installations

Bollard lights are an intriguing addition to any home, and these functional pieces of art act as the cornerstones of the property. Implementing this boundary of light around the property creates a sensation that nighttime isn’t welcome until the homeowner sees fit! Further, these attraction lighting installations can make any occasion feel special and sophisticated.

Bollard lights in Wentzville

Tasteful Tree Uplighting

To take full advantage of this customer’s numerous trees, we knew these features also needed their time in the spotlight. Every tree we work with is entirely unique, and these twisty trees added a touch of ethereal beauty that seemed to come straight out of a fantasy novel. With raised flood lights, we made the understory of these trees pop during the night and add gorgeous natural colors to the lighting display.

Tree uplighting company

A Touch of Magic with Bistro String Lighting

To add a finishing touch, we installed a quartet of bistro-style string lights to cast a lovely glow down onto the main gathering space. In combination with the ground-based lighting installations, this final addition completes the full lighting array. By adding such wonderous lighting elements across the entire landscape, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives made this customer’s dream backyard a reality.

This kind of project truly inspires us in our work, and we are so excited to continue servicing the St. Louis area with our premium lighting solutions! Indeed, all our installations are built to bring out a side of your property that you may not have thought existed. If you have aspirations for your home and landscaping, give us a call today to schedule a design consultation. We can’t wait to help you transform your outdoor living experience.