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St. Louis Outdoor Lighting Takes This Home to the Next Level

When you imagine your dream outdoor space, what do you see? For many, home symbolizes everything they have worked for in life, and they would like it to look as beautiful as possible. Indeed, few things in life are as satisfying as making your home and landscaping a reflection of yourself. This is exactly what one of our St. Louis neighbors wanted for their property, so they reached out to us to make their vision a reality. As a national leader in outdoor lighting installations, we know exactly how to create a unique and tailored lighting display for each of our customers. So, let’s take a look at this customer’s incredible project!

St. Louis Outdoor Lighting

One of the first pieces of a project we consider is how to illuminate your home and enhance its curb appeal for you and your neighbors. The width of this home’s façade gave us a huge canvas to work with, so we took the time to examine the ideal spots where home uplighting could be installed. Each home we work with is uniquely designed, which means we consider the best locations for each of our lighting fixtures. As you can see above, golden brushes of light accent this home’s features to highlight its existing beauty and create a welcoming ambiance for family and guests.

Outdoor Lighting in St. Louis

Pathway lighting is probably the most versatile lighting option in our catalog, and for good reason. As you can see, we used a series of path lights to not only illuminate the walkway, but also the landscaping features along the path. Your yard is part of your home’s identity, and it deserves to be illuminated accordingly! To make the most of the pathway lights’ expansive glow, we installed more on the side nearest the house so the façade and could benefit from the extra illumination. Your St. Louis outdoor lighting company cares about the fine details, and we are committed to bringing out your home’s best features.

St. Louis entranceway lighting

As a finishing touch on this customer’s amazing project, we installed a combination of pathway lights and uplighting fixtures to create the perfect entryway lighting. The entrance to a home is its most important feature in both function and symbolism, so it needs a special touch to properly welcome family and guests into your home! Warming light radiates from this customer’s home, and its brick, stone, and wood entryway appears to soften under the touch of this delicately balanced lighting installation. As your St. Louis outdoor lighting professional, we want you to feel joy every time you come home, and a custom lighting installation does just the trick.

To learn more about our custom St. Louis outdoor lighting installations and processes, give us a call at (636) 202-0369 or check out our website to catch a glimpse of your dream outdoor lighting experience. We are so excited to help you transform your home’s nighttime aesthetics!