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Can You Have Too Much Landscape Lighting?

Too much of a good thing is possible, even when it comes to landscape lighting.

Yes, it is possible to have too much landscape lighting. Over-illumination can diminish the aesthetic appeal of your landscape design. Landscape lights should be subtle, warm, and inviting. They should not be installed in a way that is akin to flood lights, which can create a harsh and uninviting environment. Excessive lighting can also cause light pollution, which negatively impacts nocturnal wildlife by disrupting their natural behaviors and habitats. Installing too much landscape lighting can be costly upfront and can also become inefficient to use.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis will never try to upsell you on the number of landscape lighting fixtures for your home. Our goal is to make your landscape look beautiful at night, with just the right amount of lighting installed to accentuate the positive aspects of your property.

Can you have too much landscape lighting?

Is cool or warm light better for landscape lighting?

Because every property is different, and every client has unique goals for their landscape lighting, either warm or cool lighting might be appropriate. Many times, cool and warm lighting can be applied to an outdoor lighting design, where it be lighting a pathway and entryway, an outdoor living space, landscaping, or all three.

You can have too much landscape lighting.

What should be illuminated by landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting can be used in many ways to illuminate not only your trees and plantings, but also other design elements. Many of the clients at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis have garden features, such as statues, sculptures, fountains, and water features that beg for illumination. And lighting these elements makes the overall effect much more unique to the client’s property. In some capacity, illuminated hedges and trees can appear similar on different properties, especially in the same neighborhood. It can be these designer landscape features that set one property apart from the rest.

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