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Can Outdoor Lighting Be Too Bright?

Do we walk a thin line between too dim and too bright when it comes to outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting serves a few purposes. It should enhance the aesthetics of outdoor spaces while providing safety and security. Like any form of lighting, it's crucial to strike the right balance. The final result should not detract from the intended usage.

Can landscape lighting be too bright? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives strikes just the right balance for your outdoor lighting’s brightness.

So, can outdoor lighting be too bright?

Yes, outdoor lighting can be too bright. Super-bright outdoor lighting can disturb areas inside your home. Not only that, but it could also shine into the homes of your neighbors or distract passersby.

Outdoor lighting is a home upgrade that many a DIY-er has attempted to self-perform. The problems with self-installation of outdoor lighting are varied. From inferior lighting fixtures to improper placement and illumination. If you are considering an outdoor lighting installation in the St. Louis area, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can install lighting with just the right amount of illumination.

How bright should landscape lighting be?

The exact illumination of landscape lighting varies. For example, landscape lighting that is in the far recesses of a property might be brighter than lighting that is close to the home. Lighting around a pool or other potential areas of hazard might also require brighter landscape lighting or path lighting.

Warm-white landscape lighting design by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Factors that might determine the brightness of your landscape lighting are:

  • Your intended usage requirements
  • The scope of your landscape
  • Your proximity to neighbors
  • The proximity of your landscaping to your home

Kelvin Color Temperature of LED Outdoor Lighting

The Kelvin color temperature of your outdoor LED lighting also determines the final aesthetic and can be just as important as the amount of illumination for the overall look. Warm LED temperatures within the 2000K to 3000K range will provide a soft, warm result. To achieve a cool white aesthetic, you can choose a temperature in the 3100K to 3500K. The 4000 Kelvin color temperature is the threshold from warm-white to cool-white and on to 5000K to 6000K that mimics daylight.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here for all your outdoor and landscape lighting requirements. Our experienced designers can help you achieve your ideal outdoor lighting aesthetic.

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