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Which Outdoor Lighting Does Not Attract Bugs?

Are there lights that do not attract bugs?

‘Tis the season for outdoor enjoyment. With outdoor living season come the bugs. Ever notice the droves of insects that gather ‘round your outside lights? If you get swarmed each time you step outside, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives wants you to know there’s a better way. We also know that all bugs cannot be avoided, but they can be reduced with proper illumination. Following, is information about the types of outside lights that might help keep the bugs away at night.

warm colored outdoor lighting attracts fewer bugs Warm hues and cool LED bulbs are less attractive to bugs.

Cool LED bulbs are less attractive to bugs.

Yes, cool – as in physical temperature. LED outdoor lighting gives off less heat than traditional halogen and incandescent light bulbs. Because flying pests seek heat after the sun goes down, warmth from an outdoor light bulb will bring them to your door.

Warm-colored outdoor lighting is less attractive to bugs.

If you don’t want to be bugged out every time you walk outside your home after dark in the warmer months, consider warm-colored lights, such as warm white LED. Bugs are less attracted to yellow and orange hues.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers perfect solutions to make your home shine while not alerting every bug in the neighborhood to come by your place after dark.

Outdoor color changing lighting could be the right answer for you.

Speaking of warm-hued lights, color changing outdoor lighting could work for the purpose of not attracting bugs. In warm seasons, you can choose to illuminate your home and landscape with warm hues, such as yellow, orange, and even red. These are especially fun for summer holidays and outdoor parties, but they could reduce the number of insects flying around your outdoor spaces.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is ready to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces a little more this year with the appropriate lighting solution to make your home less bug friendly. Our experienced designers can help you achieve your ideal outdoor lighting aesthetic and usage.

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