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How Do I Light The Area Around My Pool?

Are pool lights a good idea? They are!

When it comes to lighting a pool, most of us first think about in-pool lighting. This type of pool lighting can be very functional and beautiful when swimming in dark hours. But have you considered how to light the areas around your pool? Lighting your pool and the area around it is a great idea, because of the added functionality and safety lighting will provide. Lighting will help prevent tripping and slipping hazards, and it will make nighttime swimming an immersive experience. Here are recommendations for lighting the area around your pool.

Outdoor String Lights: Otherworldly Pool Area Lighting

Adding outdoor string lighting above your pool and in areas around it can make your backyard feel like a scene from a movie or storybook. These lights have a way of making outdoor spaces magical. You will have the feeling of entering another world, quiet and soothing or welcoming and lively, lighting your pool area with fun string lights will bring your pool enjoyment to another level.

pool area lighting with outdoor string lights

Pathway Lighting: Pool Area Lighting With Fantastic Function

When lighting areas around your pool, it is important to consider the avenue by which you, your family members, and visitors will access your pool. If you have a sidewalk or defined pathway leading to your pool area, pathway lighting is the perfectly functional solution. Step-by-step, you will be able to traverse otherwise dark channels that lead to your pool.

pathway lighting for area around a pool

Tree Uplighting: Dramatic Pool Area Lights

Like any area around your home, where you have invested time or money into beautiful landscaping, uplights for trees can be an impressive way to light the area around your pool. These lights will cast shadows and light, adding texture and tons of interest to your pool area backdrop. If you have stately trees, shrubs, or any vegetation in your pool area, uplighting is a gorgeous way to showcase it.

tree uplighting for pool area

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