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Light It Up This Summer with Fun String Lights

String lights are a useful and fun addition for your backyard this summer.

You can purchase your own string lights; but wouldn’t it be nice to have them professionally installed by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis? Our string lighting installations offer proper positioning, custom lengths, durable installation, and the best quality LED lights your money can buy.

Can you use fun string lights for any area in your backyard?

Decorative outdoor string lights are very much adaptable to just about any outdoor space you can imagine. These lights are a beautiful addition to patios and seating areas, dine-on decks, backyard gathering areas, and private reading or meditation nooks. There are nearly limitless uses for our professionally installed outdoor string lights.

fun string lights

Can you use string lights over a pool?

National Electric Code, 2014NEC, dictates the use of any lighting or power source above water. Any lighting that is installed over a pool must have at least 10 feet of clearance, because it can be incredibly dangerous to have lights over your pool. That said, IP65 certified low-voltage lights are the only string lights that are safe over your pool. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will oversee proper installation of string lights above your pool or spa area, as these should only be installed by professionals. We do not recommend self-installing string lights above your pool.

Benefits of Professionally Installed String Lights

Think of the money you have invested in your backyard outdoor living space, and don’t disparage your aesthetic with low-quality string lights. Additionally, stakes and poles that are sold by big box stores do not usually provide installation integrity. When you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspective of St. Louis for a fun outdoor lights installation, your lights will be just the right size, and installed to perfection using a structurally sound guide wire. Our string lights are tough enough to endure 24/7-365 installation and usage. To prove it, we offer a 5-year warranty on all outdoor string lighting installations.

Search for string lights near me and choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here to help you set the perfect backyard summer scene with a high-quality string lighting installation. Search for string lights near me and call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis today for your complimentary lighting design consultation. (636) 202-0369

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