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What Are The Different Types of Commercial Outdoor Lighting?

Commercial outdoor lighting serves multiple purposes, from enhancing aesthetics to providing security and safety.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of St. Louis designs and installs commercial lighting for many types of businesses. With myriad options available, businesses can select commercial outdoor lighting solutions that align with their preferences and needs. Here are a few of the most popular types of commercial outdoor lighting:

Architectural Uplighting for Commercial Outdoor Lights

Uplighting is a dramatic addition to just about any commercial building. This method of lighting the façade creates not only light but also shadow. Uplighting additionally showcases textures and colors beautifully at night.

types of commercial outdoor lighting: architectural uplighting

Uplighting Trees for Commercial Lighting

Tree uplighting can also be used on commercial properties to highlight trees of any height and species. Uplighting can be applied to other types of vegetation, such as flowering gardens or shrubs. This type of commercial property outdoor lighting is perfect for corporate buildings, event venues, restaurants, and so much more.

types of commercial lighting: tree uplighting

Pathway Lights for Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Pathway lights for your commercial outdoor lighting design are an ideal solution if you receive patrons after dark. Installing pathway lights on all walk areas will not be helpful for visitors to determine how to enter your business but it will additionally help them arrive safely at your door by lighting potential trip hazards.

types of commercial outdoor lighting: pathway lights

String Lights for Lighting Commercial Properties

Outdoor string lights are some of the most popular types outdoor lighting, both for commercial and residential purposes. These lights provide an ambient glow overhead to create your preferred mood. They are perfect above dance floors for wedding venues, dining areas, or break areas for employees. From whimsy to relaxation, string lights can take your commercial or hospitality venue to the next level.

Commercial Landscape Lighting for Commercial Properties

Whether you have lush sitting gardens, dine-in areas, or simply have professionally installed landscaping that you wish to highlight, commercial landscape lighting is the way to go. Lighting commercial landscapes happen in many ways. From lighting flowers, trees, and shrubs to installing decorative lights that serve as focal points throughout your landscape, this type of commercial lighting is a very popular and ideal choice.

types of commercial outdoor lighting: commercial landscape lighting

Commercial Permanent Roofline Lighting for Commercial Buildings

Permanent roofline lighting is a fantastic commercial outdoor lighting solution. This type of lighting adds interest to architectural features and roof designs. It can make your commercial venue a true standout. What’s even better about permanent roofline lighting, is that they can be controlled through a mobile app. This provides virtually endless opportunities to recognize holidays and support causes throughout the year.

types of commercial outdoor lighting: permanent roofline lights

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