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Do's and Don'ts for Outdoor Lighting

It is common for homeowners to walk down the lighting aisle and grab the first light fixtures they come across. Unfortunately, there is more to landscape lighting than simply buying the biggest, brightest lights to light up walkways. The optimum results of installing outdoor lighting requires a well-designed system in order to have the most visual impact.

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When placed and installed correctly, landscape lighting can not only establish the mood but provide a measure of safety and security for your home as well. Although it is highly recommended that you place this task in the hands of professionals, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind in case you choose to install landscape lighting on your own.

Outdoor Lighting Do’s

  • Before installing the landscape lighting around pathways and other landscape features, focus on lighting the house first, and the trees second. The primary focus of outdoor lighting should be on the most important and most beautiful thing on the property — your house. The right type of outdoor light fixtures will focus on the beauty of your home at night, while at the same time making it safe and secure. When positioning lighting fixtures, make sure to highlight the walls of the house as well as architectural features.
  • Make use of multiple layers, without overdoing the number of fixtures. For example, position several spotlights with different angles towards a garden statue to create silhouettes and layers and to create a unique lighting effect. Staggering lights as opposed to grouping several in a single bunch will add more detail and effects without drawing attention to the lights themselves.
  • Do use down lighting for pathways when possible. Lighting from above as opposed to along the pathway provides a gorgeous type of illumination and makes the pathway safe and easy to see.

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Outdoor Lighting Don’ts

  • One of the most common mistakes many homeowners make is placing the lighting fixtures in a straight line along the pathway. Not only is this somewhat boring, but it also tends to make the pathway look like an airport runway. Instead, get creative with the placement of the lights. For example, stagger the lights or place them in a position where they shine down on the pathway.
  • Don’t forget to illuminate the second story of your home. This includes lighting aimed at or placed on overhangs, peaks, pillars and other features that are unique to your home. This type of elevated lighting will not only enhance the beauty of your home, but it will also cast an ambient glow on your lawn.
  • Don’t ignore the small areas or the dark spaces around the home and hidden in the landscaping. Even a small accent light can transform a small, dark corner of the lawn into a beautiful space. Another benefit of lighting up small, dark places is that it creates fewer hiding spaces for intruders.

These are only a few of the great things you can do with outdoor lighting. When installed in the right places, lighting fixtures can completely transform your home. For the ideal lighting system, it is recommended that you contact a lighting professional to help you with the best choices. A lighting specialist will walk the perimeter with you and give you a visual of what type of lighting will work the best for your home to enhance it and to provide an extra measure of security.

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