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Lower Your Energy Costs with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

You have several reasons to switch from halogen to LED for your outdoor lighting system with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and the Woodlands—and well get to those—but the important thing is to call us for your appointment now. There’s no reason to wait. The time has arrived for LED outdoor lighting’s turn in the spotlight, and the sooner you call us, the sooner you can begin saving money on your electricity bills!

  • Our current customers: You’ll love the new LED lighting. Call us to upgrade your fixtures to LED now.
  • If your halogen lights were installed by another company, we can upgrade your fixtures to LED, regardless of who installed your system. You’re not stuck with halogen!
  • Don’t have outdoor lighting? What are you waiting for?! Start now with an energy-saving LED system today.

Why you should call us for your outdoor lighting LED conversion today (Or start with LED if you don’t have outdoor lighting already)

Outdoor architecture lightingMonthly energy cost savings: If you currently have halogen outdoor lighting, you’ll see a nice drop in your electricity bills each month after we convert your outdoor lighting system to LED. This is an investment that pays for itself and continues to save you money each month. Your energy consumption will drop because we are replacing 35-watt bulbs with 7-watt bulbs. With outdoor lighting LED conversion, the average energy savings is 80% compared to halogen.

Lower bulb replacement costs: That’s right! LED bulbs last up to 10 times longer than halogen bulbs, so you will rarely need to call us for bulb replacement. These LED bulbs go on and on and on! When they eventually reach the end of their useful life, we simply replace the bulbs. If you’ve heard that an entire LED fixture must be replaced when the bulb wears out, that is no longer the case.

Reduce your carbon footprint: Lowering your energy usage automatically lowers the environmental impact of creating the energy you use, reducing your impact on the planet. It’s another way you can feel like you are doing your part to slow global warming. LED bulbs last longer so they create less waste, and they do not contain toxic materials, so disposal doesn’t present environmental dangers.

What else will you love about LED outdoor lighting with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Houston?

  • LED lighting is beautiful. If you heard—or saw—in the past that LED gave off a weird blue tinge or bright white glare, that is no longer the case. The technology has improved, and LED gives off a soft light now. This is the technology we have been waiting for to add curb appeal to your property!
  • LED lighting takes up less space on your transformer, so you can add more lights when you convert from halogen to LED lighting.
  • You can increase your home’s security at night by using a photocell that automatically turns lights on at dusk and turns them off at sunrise.
  • LED fixtures are sealed to withstand any weather. During Hurricane Harvey, our clients had hundreds of fixtures submerged in 4 feet of water and they continued to turn on every night. We only had to replace 3 bulbs during that time. Just keep the transformer dry and your lighting will be fine in a flood.
  • Our solid brass fixtures come with a lifetime warranty.
  • LED works in every area of your property, including deck and patios, gardens, architectural, landscape, and more!

LED lighting is a win-win. It’s all we use now at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and the Woodlands! For landscape lighting and other outdoor lighting designs, with commercial and residential applications, we’ve moved to 100% LED technology. Our customers love it!

We are pleased to offer the best-quality LED outdoor lighting service to Houston and surrounding areas. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your yard at night, call us today or fill out the form to the right for a free design demonstration. (281) 336-8993

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