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The Heights Premier Outdoor Lighting Company

Professional landscape lighting for your home!

We are proud to serve The Heights (Houston Heights) with the best outdoor lighting design, installation, and service. We provide customized lighting designs, utilizing only the best solid copper or brass fixtures for a lifetime of brilliant landscape lighting.

The Heights is one of the most popular inner-loop Houston neighborhoods. lists a variety of amenities that make the area so desirable, including the walkability, easy commute, parks and recreations, great schools, a strong community, and exquisite, preserved historic homes. And while we absolutely adore working with the lovely properties that include new and historic homes alike, we would have to say *the people are what makes The Heights so fantastic.*

When we venture out to a Nighttime Outdoor Lighting Demonstration or a Lighting Assessment Score appointment in The Heights, we know we are about to spend time with some of the nicest people in Texas! From historic 19th street and The Greater Heights to Shady Acres and Woodland Heights, we are eager to help the people of The Heights transform their homes and businesses at night with outdoor lighting.


With our design demonstration or consultation, we’ll work together to provide you a custom-designed outdoor lighting system that fits your outdoor living needs and style. Check out some of our clients' favorite choices for illuminating their property at night:

The Heights Landscape Lighting

Pathway lights in the heights Houston
Landscape lighting is one of the most popular ways to illuminate the delightful homes and properties in The Heights.

Our durable copper path light is versatile and perfect for the architectural styles in the area. We often utilize the path light to guide visitors from the sidewalk up to your front door. We also utilize the gentle wash provided by this gorgeous light to cast a gentle glow across your favorite landscape features including your flower beds and shrubbery.

Uplighting provides the height and depth to your landscape as we illuminate trees and your favorite landscape accessories. With the combination of the landscape path light and a focal uplight, your property will have depth, dimension and simply wow those who pass by at night.

Highlight your Houston Heights Patio & Deck with Backyard Lighting

outdoor lighting shine in the Heights in Houston

One of the many perks of living in The Heights is the almost year-round enjoyable weather. When you have the entire year to live in your favorite outdoor spaces, investing in the right accessories to make it comfortable and functional is easy to justify.

There is nothing quite like summer nights on the patio or a mild winter evening on your deck. But, as fall approaches and the temperatures become more pleasant, the sun sets earlier and earlier. To enjoy the space in the best weather, outdoor lighting is a necessity, not a luxury.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we have your back! We offer incredible patio lighting and deck lighting to fit your precise space and functional needs. Favorites include stair riser lights, half-moon copper post lights, hardscape lights, and post-cap lights. Our clients love our dazzling LED lights installed under their deck rail or their capstone for a soft ambient glow.

And if you love to entertain, our commercial-grade, custom strung, LED market lighting creates an instant party for any Houston Heights outdoor entertaining space.

The Heights’ Best Exterior Home Lighting

Curb appeal is essential in the picturesque Heights. While you toil and sweat over your home’s maintenance, lawn, landscape, and flower beds for daytime beauty, what are you doing to make your home shine at night?

We recommend outdoor lighting to take away the darkness and transform your home into a nighttime masterpiece.

We are not out to recreate daylight, but with our subtle uplighting on your home, combined with custom landscape lighting for depth, you’ll need to prepare yourself for some jealous neighbors.

When we highlight a home’s façade, we customize the design to show off the most charming architectural features. From decorative brackets, classic porch columns, custom stone façades, or glorious second-floor roof peaks – we have the lights and the techniques to create eye-catching nighttime curb appeal for your home.

The Heights Commercial Outdoor Lighting

We don’t just serve local homeowners, we offer amazing commercial outdoor lighting packages for any business in The Heights. We recommend sign lights for visibility, but more commonly we create custom lighting for outdoor spaces for your guests to enjoy! Check out our commercial outdoor lighting information today.

If you’re interested in discovering what outdoor lighting can do for your home or business, start today by scheduling a FREE, no-obligation, nighttime demonstration!

Call now to receive a free light (up to $500 value) with the purchase of 10+ lights *must mention offer when scheduling appointment *cannot be combined with other offers

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