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Carlton Woods Exterior Home Lighting: Custom Nighttime Curb Appeal

What do you see when you arrive home after dark? Can you see anything? Is there just a lonely porch light on? Or a startling flood light triggered by your movement? With professional Carlton Woods exterior home lighting, you can enjoy a warm greeting upon your arrival. You can view your home's unique charms after the sun sets. And you can wow your neighbors and friends with the beauty your home exudes at night.

Home with professional lighting

Types of Exterior Home Lighting

We often call it architectural lighting in the industry, but exterior home lighting meant to subtly illuminate the charm of your home’s architectural features, entryways, and exterior finish.

To achieve a complete outdoor lighting design, we also include landscape lighting in the immediate vicinity of trees and flowerbeds.

Adding exterior home lighting to homes in Carlton Woods and most of Houston is a pleasure. We love customizing our lighting designs for each home’s individuality and personality. We use a variety of light fixtures and techniques to achieve the ultimate goal – your happiness and a more beautiful home at night. Including a combination following:

  • Path lighting leading to the home’s entrance.
  • Wall wash lighting to highlight stone, siding, stucco, or brick.
  • Focal lighting to shine up to the highest peaks of your roofline, sometimes mounted in the second story eaves.
  • Column lighting to draw attention to porches and other portico features.
  • Driveway lighting for safe navigation.
  • Landscape lighting to illuminate the ground around the home and pathways.
  • Stair and step lighting.

While we love to talk about the practical benefits of exterior home lighting, such as safety, security and such – but we know the real reason homeowners love outdoor lighting! They love it for beauty. Show off your gorgeous home and landscape that you work so hard for with the ultimate subtlety using professionally designed outdoor lighting. Call us at (713) 231-5898 today to schedule a free design consultation.