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Looking for front walkway lighting ideas or fixtures? When you work with OLP, we offer a free consultation, help plan your installation, offer the best lighting fixtures, and unbeatable maintenance plans. Path lighting is something we often take for granted when it’s there, yet we’re lost without it when it’s missing. Whether you're in need of lighting for stairs, sidewalk lighting, driveway lighting, or lights for any other commonly used walkways or hazard areas, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has the solution. If you don’t have pathway light, you’re at risk for tripping and falling, as are family members and guests at your Houston home. Why take that chance? Add that extra elegance and security with outdoor walkway lights!

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A path goes by several names:

  • Walkway
  • Sidewalk
  • Trail
  • Stepping stones
  • Driveway belongs on that list, too!

If you have a designated route for residents and visitors to walk from Point A to Point B at your home, you have a path and you need path lighting. That walk might be from the driveway to the front door, from the sidewalk to the garage or from the garage around to the patio, deck or pool in the backyard.

Lead the Way with Path Lighting

Regardless of where the pathway is leading you or what you call it, you want to keep it well lit for the safety of all. Your lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands can walk those paths with you during your free lighting design consultation to evaluate where path lighting would be most effective. We pay special attention to trouble spots like stepping stones with gaps between them, stairs or steps and any changes in elevation.

Pathway Lighting for Added Curb Appeal

One of the benefits of path lighting is that in addition to being practical, it’s also beautiful and adds curb appeal! Our professional Houston lighting designers know how to position your path light fixtures to make the most of the trees, shrubs and flower beds lining your driveway and walkways. Our lights are not glaring or bright. Instead, we set a gentle glow down among your plantings along the edge of your walkways. The lights add a dimension of texture and depth to the plants not seen in daylight. Path lighting can be transformative, and your guests will admire the effect without realizing those gentle lights are keeping them safe.

Garden path lighting

Path Way Lights for Every Type of Home

Our expert designers can help you find the perfect layout for you and your home. From offering front walkway lighting ideas to making visibility improvement recommendation, we can do it all! And if you are interested in Path Lighting LEDs for your home, we have a wide variety to offer you!

Our Quality Lighting Equipment

We use high-quality copper and brass outdoor lighting fixtures, so you don’t need to hide them. While some may be tucked under a plant, others will be visible along the way, and that’s alright. These weatherproof fixtures develop an attractive patina as they’re exposed to the elements. We also use LED bulbs with a soft glow, and these bulbs are extremely energy-efficient compared to the halogen outdoor lighting fixtures of the recent past.

Pathway Lighting Ideas

There are many difference ways to illuminate your Houston home with our outdoor lighting services, and our lighting design consultant can help you find the right choice for you! Here are some ideas:

  • Lighting along your garden to show off your beautiful plants!
  • Driveway lighting to help you navigate your vehicle at night
  • Light up the furthest corners of your property to help add extra security and safety

Why is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of North & West Houston, Katy, & Sugar Land the best in outdoor lighting?

We have been in the outdoor lighting business for over 20 years! Because we specialize in this service we are able to quickly and efficiently help you transform your Houston home with gorgeous outdoor pathway lighting! And our maintenance plans will help to ensure you can enjoy your new lighting system for years to come!

We are pleased to offer the best path lighting to Houston and surrounding areas.

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