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Create a Trendy Backyard Look with Professional String Lighting

String Lighting

There’s just something about string lighting that seems to really set the mood. It just makes a place look more inviting, enchanting almost. It’s why so many bars, restaurants and wedding venues have incorporated string lights in their décor.

String lighting can set the stage for a fun and memorable experience for your guests. Keep reading to find out how string lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can transform your venue.

Backyard Lighting is Perfect for Parties!

Whether you own a wedding venue or a restaurant, string lights bring a certain “wow” factor to your outdoor space. Brides will feel like they’re in a fairy tale as they dance with their husbands underneath the ambient glow of string lights.

And restaurants looking for a fresh way to update their patios will find that string lights are the perfect way to do it. Guests will surely enjoy sipping on their drinks while hanging out under these festive lights.

The best thing about string lights is that they are versatile. You can make them work for any event your business or venue is hosting. It just takes a little creativity.

Party Lighting and Creative Arrangements

When it comes to hanging your string lights, you’ll soon realize that the possibilities are endless. Many venues choose to drape them from large trees, wrapping them around branches of one tree or hanging them between two neighboring trees.

String lights also look great on patios. If you have an open-air patio, hang string lights in parallel rows across the patio to create a faux ceiling of lights. If your patio is covered, the lights can be hung along the perimeter to define the edges.

Couple Dancing

You could also wrap string lights around light poles and other structures on the property.

Year-Round Glow

Outdoor lighting can be enjoyed year-round, so don’t think you won’t get much use out of them after the summer months. The lights we use are commercial grade, so they are made to last.

You’ll find that Outdoor Lighting’s string lights are of a higher quality and are more durable than the ones you find at local retailers. The lights are designed for year-round use, so your installation doesn’t have to be a temporary one.

Outdoor String Lighting

So you have a vision for what your venue could look like with the addition of string lights. The team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can help bring that vision to life.

We offer nighttime lighting demonstrations, letting you see what your lighting will look like before the installation is complete. Our designers will work with you throughout the design process to create a comprehensive plan for your lighting. If any adjustments need to be made, we’ll make them.

Get ready for a gorgeous season of outdoor parties and events and contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to create a custom lighting look for your business. Don’t forget: along with excellent customer service and a creative mind for design, you will also receive one free year of maintenance with every new lighting installation!