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Holiday Lighting And Decoration Design Techniques To Make Your Home The Most Festive House On The Block

Are you wanting to spruce up your holiday lighting this year or completely remodel your holiday lighting design?

Houston’s Outdoor Lighting Perspectives team is the expert on all things holiday lighting- from specialty decor to the most classic warm white lighting, we have everything you need to become the best holiday house on the block.

If you’re wondering how to make your home look like professionals designed your holiday lighting display, read more to learn the expert techniques and design features to construct a professional holiday installation.

#1 Roofline lights, driveway lighting, sidewalk lights, and garden bed outlines

Starting at the most basic, holiday roofline lighting is key to producing the best results. When you use professional-grade C9 lights, your lighting will be brighter and ensure you won’t have dull and dingy light. As well, to ensure low-maintenance it is important to make sure the light bulbs are all individual lights so that if one bulb goes out, the entire strand is not wasted just in need of a replacement bulb. This can be used on the roofline of your home, the driveway, the garden bed outline, and sidewalks.

lighted driveway

#2 Tree lighting, large bushes and shrub lighting, balcony and rail lighting

When wrapping trees and rails, it is important to neatly wrap mini lights consistently. We recommend about 3 inches between each strand for maximum reach. For the canopy of trees, you can either use a spiral wrapping technique or branch wrapping. Spiral wrapping coils around the canopy leaving feet between each wrap whereas branch wrapping is tightly wrapped around each branch at the same 3-inch gap as the trunk.

lighted trees

For large bushes and shrubbery, it is best to use net lights for ease and uniformity. These are easy to use and require little effort making them the best option for landscaping of these proportions. If bushes are not uniform we suggest using mini lights.

lighted bushes

#3 Lit wreaths, lit garland, and specialty decorations

Garlands are best when they are professional-grade, lit, and thick to not appear cheap. This lit garland should be mounted around archways and doors. Mounts will not adhere to stucco without ripping a hole so it is best for these to be used on stone and siding. Garland can also be draped around railings and balconies as shown in the photo or spiraled up columns.

lit wreath

Lit wreaths can come in many sizes, but it is best to choose one that best fits the proportions of the surroundings. If mounted on the exterior of the home, a 3 or 4-foot wreath would be best depending on the size of the home. For homes 2 stories or more, a 4-foot wreath is a better fit for these size homes whereas 3-foot wreaths are best for gates and single-story homes.

festive house lights

#4 Specialty Decorations

​24-inch and 16-inch lit hanging balls are great for lower-hanging trees to add a specialty to your holiday lighting display. As well as angels, snowflake decorations, twinkle lights, champagne colored-lights, blow-ups, and Christmas trees are all great decor options to accentuate the ambiance you wish to accomplish.

For a full-service holiday lighting display call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to get a quote for this holiday season. We have a professional, trained team that can work at higher elevations for more difficult jobs to help you feel proud of your home during the holidays. We provide custom-cut roofline lighting and hidden extension cords.

festive house lights

Call today for free holiday design, free installation, and free takedown and storage with the rental of our holiday lights. As experts in lighting, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to get on your roof in the cold to hang the holiday decorations this year but will have experienced professionals ensuring you will have a beautiful lighting display.