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4 Reasons Why Upgrading To LED Lights Is A Good Idea For Your Exterior Lighting

In an effort to decrease carbon emissions as a contributing factor to global warming, the United States Department of Energy has announced its plan to cut carbon emissions by 222 million metric tons over 30 years and save Americans $3 million per year on utilities. Energy-efficient lighting is set to become the standard for lighting which is a good thing in many aspects. Read more to learn the 4 reasons why upgrading to Light Emitting Diode (LED) landscaping lighting is a good idea.

1. You save money and energy

When you upgrade to outdoor LED lighting, you use at least 75% less energy achieving the same look and amount of light. This will on average will save you about $225 in energy costs per year.

2. Increased safety and usability

LED landscape lighting emits very little heat as compared to incandescent and halogen landscape lighting, making it much safer and less hazardous. This also helps outdoor lighting fixtures stay cool in already warm environments. If you are using outdoor lighting for security, LED garden lighting is the best choice as it is the ​​same brightness with less wattage as other yard lights. This means more safety and usability for your family members with LED lighting.

3. Lasts longer than incandescent and halogen lights

LED also lasts much longer than other lighting options. Halogen bulbs usually last about 6-12 months whereas LED last about 6-10 years. This means that not only are you saving money on LEDs, but also save you time on maintenance.

4. Brighter, beautiful illumination

LED technology is constantly improving, and in the landscape lighting world LED is the best option for its small size and light range including many color options. The most popular colors are warm white, and bright white, but can be every color between yellow, red, and blue. It is perfect for landscaping lighting, patio and deck lighting, pathway lighting, string lighting, and any unique outdoor space. See the photos below of our LED outdoor lighting and color-changing lighting.

Save time, money, and energy by upgrading your landscaping lighting to LED this year.