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Creating Elegance & Ambiance in Houston with Tree Lighting

We love our trees in Houston. From our glorious Japanese maples, majestic oaks, elms, and magnolias to our crape myrtles and redbuds, they are the backdrop to our homes and our lives.

Your trees are an integral part of your landscape. They complete the picture. But while these elegant, magnificent trees look spectacular during the day, they go dark at night, and sometimes that darkness can overwhelm a gorgeous property.

Wouldn’t it be outstanding to illuminate the brilliance of these impressive trees at night?

Showcase Your Houston Property with Tree Lighting

Whether you’re illuminating a striking river birch or an ornamental Mexican plum, tree lighting creates an ambiance that exudes splendor and elegance. Your trees are breathtaking and define your magnificent landscape. Now you can carry this resplendent vista into a nighttime curb appeal that’s both welcoming and stunning.

Imagine entertaining under the glory of your illuminated oaks and maples, allowing your guests to admire their splendid surroundings as they sip cocktails on the patio or relax around the firepit. What a setting!

And, with all its magnificence, tree lighting also makes your property more secure. Sit on your deck or patio at night with friends or just enjoy a quiet evening safely relishing in your exquisite surroundings. Maybe your little ones enjoy a nighttime game of hide-and-seek amongst the trees. Perhaps your older children spend the evening unwinding with friends in those cozy chairs under the red maple. Knowing what is happening all around you, you have a sense of peace.

Custom Tree Lighting for Your Unique Landscape

Professional tree lighting

Since your home is the focal point of your landscape, we recommend lighting it first and your trees second. We know your home, your trees, and your landscape are all unique, and we want your outdoor illumination to be as well. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in West Houston and The Woodlands, our tree lighting experts craft exquisite designs for your landscape while using the finest outdoor lighting techniques to create the look you desire.

Our soft, ambient landscape lighting accentuates the height of your larger trees and brings depth and texture to your landscape at night. We install custom focal lighting below smaller, ornamental trees, shining it up to create a welcoming appearance. And, by shining light from within your trees, casting it down, you might actually feel like there is magic in the air. If you want to highlight a fun or unique landscape feature for friends and family to enjoy, we can install down lighting, on a tree from about twenty feet high to illuminate the focal feature from above. Whatever your tastes and preferences may be, we’ll make it perfect, and it will be beautiful.

We are pleased to offer the best tree lighting to The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and most of Houston and North Houston. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your yard at night, call us at (713) 231-5898 today or fill out the form to the right for a free design demonstration.