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How to Bring the Indoors Out Without Breaking the Bank

For a decade now, homeowners have been and continue to be focused on creating outdoor spaces that mirror the comforts of the indoors. With advancements in fabrics and the increased availability of affordable patio furniture, extending your livable square footage into the outdoors has become a reality for many and a goal for most of the rest.

When getting started, there may be some obvious trends to tackle, such as adding shade with a porch roof or pergola, buying comfortable lounge furniture, creating a dining space, and an outdoor kitchen area. But once you have your big-ticket items – how do you transform the space into a comfortable and cozy living space?

It all comes down to ambiance.

Ambiance can be created with small and subtle investments in your new space that will have a HUGE impact.

Achieving Outdoor Ambiance Idea #1

Colorful or sleek throw pillows will create the softness you get with your interior family room. Your choice of color and pattern can reflect your sense of style, with whimsy, sleek and modern, or traditional choices.

Achieving Outdoor Ambiance Idea #2

Plants. While we are trying to make your outdoor space as comfy as indoors, a part of achieving it employs smart vegetation choices. You add plants to your indoor spaces to warm them up and make them feel alive and energized, the same applies to the outdoors. If your patio or deck is where you spend the time, used potted plants strategically to achieve the desired results. If your space is smaller, you can use the surrounding yard and landscape.

Patio area with professional lighting

Achieving Outdoor Ambiance Idea #3

Water. Whether it is a pool or a fountain, every outdoor space deserves a running water feature. The tranquil sounds, the connection with nature and in the case of a pool, a great place to cool off. (Okay, a pool might break the bank. You got us on that one.)

Achieving Outdoor Ambiance Idea #4

Fire. Fire features are a must-have meeting place in every backyard paradise. It will warm the space, literally, and can be anything from a portable fire pit to a massive hardscape fireplace, the choice is yours!

Achieving Outdoor Ambiance Idea #5

TV! It might not be a classic idea of ambiance, but if you want to take the indoors out, what better way to do it than to bring your TV outside and mount it under the porch roof? Fall football games interrupt some of the best weather we see here in Houston, so why not enjoy the outdoors and the game?

Achieving Outdoor Ambiance Idea #6

Outdoor Lighting. You don’t go to bed when it gets dark. You flip the switch in the kitchen and keep going about your business. The same goes for taking the indoors out. Add landscape lighting, patio lighting, deck lighting and string lighting, custom-designed to fit your outdoor living room! Once the sun sets, it is lights on and back to the business of enjoying your cozy comfortable backyard!

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