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Make Outdoor Living in The Woodlands Better with Custom Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners in The Woodlands _know_ great outdoor living, and you devote a lot of time, money and attention to getting those outdoor living spaces fitted out just right. Whether it's the deck, patio, pool area, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace or outdoor games—or all of the above!!!—you don't go halfway with accessories, furniture, and décor. What about outdoor lighting?

It's time to give serious consideration to professional outdoor lighting for your backyard relaxation, dining, and entertainment areas. We may have grown up with outdoor candles and tiki torches, but today there's no excuse for hiding in shadows and clinging to old lighting techniques. With today's technological advances in LED outdoor lighting, backyard dining and entertaining just got a lot more fun and easier to see!

Upgrade Outdoor Dining with Outdoor Lighting and See Your Meals!

While candles on an outdoor dining table provide some ambiance and a little light, you can do better without spoiling the mood. When you call in a professional outdoor lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands, we will design the perfect lighting plan for your backyard dining areas. We're not going to take your candles away (unless you want us to). We'll supplement them with subtle but effective outdoor lighting that enhances your deck or patio as a place to enjoy dining and entertaining.

We have a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures and techniques we can put to work for you around the deck or patio dining areas. We may tuck some small lights into the landscaping around your patio or in planters around your deck. We often use tiny lights that fit under deck railings or on the posts at the top of deck stairs. We can place lights in a tree beside your deck or patio to give the dappled effect of moonlighting, making it seem like there's a full moon every night of the year. The goal of lighting around your backyard dining areas is to set the mood while allowing you to see what's on your plate and the people you're with. Not to be overlooked, your outdoor kitchen area will benefit from carefully-placed task lighting.

Backyard Entertaining Just Got a Lot More Interesting—and Safer

When you enjoy backyard games, isn't it disappointing when darkness sets in and you can't see where you're tossing the horseshoes or the bean bags for cornhole? When you get up from dinner and want your guests to venture over to the fire pit or outdoor fireplace, do they look dubious because they can't see their way across the yard in darkness? Would you and your guests be more likely to take an after-dinner dip in the pool if the pool were set in the soft, alluring glow of outdoor pool lighting? The last thing you want is a spotlight glaring across the yard. While a harsh spotlight might improve navigation around the back yard, the glare gets in everyone's eyes and it's no way to make a space more inviting!

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives show you how we can light your outdoor entertainment areas effectively and invitingly. We can make walkways and paths to the pool or fire pit safer and easier to see without a harsh glare. Your horseshoes, cornhole or badminton games will gain popularity after dark when players can see their equipment and their targets without a spotlight shining in their eyes.

Suddenly backyard entertainment is fun at night, too. We know how much you love being outdoors with friends and family during the daytime, so why not stretch the fun into the nighttime hours? With custom outdoor lighting, professionally designed and installed, your back yard will become the place where all your friends want to be in the evenings.

We are pleased to offer the best outdoor lighting to The Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and most of Houston and North Houston. If you’re ready to get out and enjoy your yard at night, call us today or fill out the form to the right for a *free* design demonstration.