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Professional Houston Landscape Lighting Will Make Your Home the Envy of the Neighborhood

If you’ve ever had a notion to keep up with the Joneses, you’ve probably also had the notion of being the Joneses. With professionally designed and installed landscape lighting you will set the new standard for nighttime curb appeal in your neighborhood.

If you’ve gotten this far, you have most definitely given landscape lighting a thought or two. And when you think of landscape lighting, you likely think about illuminating your sidewalk with path lights, your trees, and home with uplights, and maybe even a favorite statue or fountain. What you may not consider, is HOW you light those items. When you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of West Houston and The Woodlands, you’ll enjoy a customized lighting design by our experts, using installation techniques that you may have never dreamed of.

Designer Landscape Lighting Techniques

The techniques involved in creating a professional landscape lighting scene vs. a DIY landscape lighting scene are plentiful. And when compared side-by-side, an untrained eye may not be able to say what the specific difference is, but everyone will SEE the difference. Check out the ways we create depth, texture, and beauty in our dynamic landscape lighting installation:


Adding silhouettes to your nighttime landscape creates an enchanted feeling. We add lighting behind items, such as privacy screens, vegetation, and fencing to create a glow around the edges.

Home with professional landscape lighting

Illuminating from behind adds interest and intrigue.


Downlighting is a great way to illuminate a large space. A subtle twist on downlighting, moonlighting strategically uses a tree to mount the light in question. Our experts choose the perfect temperature and wash to shine the light down through the tree branches over the space below. The resulting effect mimics that of a full moon. The tree creates gorgeous shadows dancing over your landscape or outdoor living areas for magic moments you’ll always cherish.

Home with professional landscape lighting

Like a full moon shining through the branches gorgeous shadows add magic to this landscape.


Uplights can create a variety of magnificent effects on your landscape – installation and placement can change everything. For instance, we achieve what is known as “grazing” when we position a light close to a vertical structure. Rather than focus light directly on the object, we shine the light up, slightly touching the structure itself. The texture of the surface, whether tree bark, brick, siding, stonework or otherwise becomes the star of the show.

Home with professional landscape lighting

Stunning stonework is a perfect opportunity for the grazing technique.


Your favorite landscape accessories and features should also be the center of your landscape lighting design. To draw attention to that item at night, we shine a light directly on it with just the right temperature from the perfect angle.

Home with professional landscape lighting

Fountains, statues, trees, and flowers, focal lighting shines the light on your favorite features.


Adding dimension to a nighttime scene can be hard. Without the right touch, even with landscape lighting, a property can look flat at night. One of the techniques we use to add depth to your landscape is cross lighting. Cross lighting is when we use multiple focal lights, shining them on a single object from various strategic angles. That object now becomes three-dimensional again and your property comes to life!

Landscape lighting

Three spotlights on these majestic trees add instant depth to the landscape.

If you’re ready to have cars slowing to a crawl to look at your stunning home at night, and neighbors walking their dog more regularly after dark just to get an extra peek, give us a call at (713) 231-5898. We offer a FREE at-home nighttime demonstration, with no pressure, so you can see how professional landscape lighting can transform your property. Schedule yours today!