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Inspire Spring Outdoor Living with New Landscape Lighting

What makes you decide to spend an evening outdoors rather than indoors?

Good weather?
Good friends?
A perfectly grilled meal?
Your expertly designed patio?
A clear night for star-gazing?
A bag of marshmallows and a new fire pit?

No matter what has you eager to be outdoors after the sunsets, one thing is for sure, shedding a little light on the subject will heighten your enjoyment. Do you have the right outdoor lighting for your outdoor living space? Have you set yourself up to take full advantage of beautiful spring nights?

No matter the shape or size of your backyard, the amenities you have, the amenities you don’t, or how you wish to utilize the space, we have the perfect custom landscape lighting design for you. From subtle accent lighting for quiet romantic evenings to festive overhead lighting for epic entertaining, we’ll create a versatile lighting plan to meet your every need.

A spring evening around the fire pit is better with just enough light to see your beverage and navigate back to the house.

Outdoor area with a fire pit and festive lighting

A perfect soak in the hot tub should never be followed by a trip & fall on the inside.

Outdoor deck and hot tub

It’s Friday night! Let the kids stay outside as late as possible!

Outdoor swing set

Nothing says party like a well-lit pool and outdoor kitchen/bar!

Deck and pool with professional lighting

Call us at (713) 231-5898 today if you’re ready to take your amazing backyard to the next level for nighttime use with outdoor lighting.