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Light up Your Pool for Late Night Swims and Parties

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Backyard swimming pools provide an oasis for cooling off during the heat of the day and may well be the most popular feature of your home. By night, it should be a beautiful centerpiece for social gatherings. When you want to throw evening pool parties, proper, attractive outdoor pool lighting is a must. Illuminating the area for safety first underlies a good lighting plan, but that’s just the beginning. By creating an overall backyard landscape lighting plan, your pool parties go from fun to fabulous.

Bring Obstacles to Light

Late night swimming pool

Of course, the first thing you want to do is ensure you, your family and guests can negotiate the pool area and surrounding paths without colliding into unseen hard objects. Stubbing a bare toe on a cement bench or landscaping stone will surely ruin someone’s mood. By illuminating the area with both spotlight intensity and a soft subtle glow, everyone can happily move around with ease. Path lighting leads your guests to the heart of the action in a romantic atmosphere. Add charm to the trail by placing the path lights near whimsical landscaping art.

Plan Your Patio Ambience

The patio area leading into the home should be brightened tastefully with beautiful wall sconces and varied lighting fixtures rather than from one blazing porch light. A single bright light creates many shadows and glare, but gentle string lights overhead paired with fixtures placed strategically around the patio serve their purposes without intruding on the atmosphere. You can even play with different colored lights to magnify the allure of the evening.

Pool lighting isn’t just for the pool. It encapsulates your entire pool area. Lighting should be custom designed for waterfall cascades, grottos, retaining walls, privacy walls, and more!

Outdoor pool and water feature with professional lighting

Gentle Lighting Around the Pool

Illuminate the pool apron with soft lighting around the perimeter. A ring of low lights behind the bar, chairs, and lounges backlight the area nicely, complementing the in-pool illumination. Fixtures placed at the base of surrounding shrubs and under concrete benches offer discreet coverage while remaining out of the way and even showing off your beautiful vegetation.

Highlight the Surrounding Landscaping

More than merely building an island of light around your pool, an outdoor lighting plan could also highlight your outer landscaping features, too. Decorative trees, gazebos and flower beds look lovely at night with hidden fixtures bringing them out of the darkness. Trees appear especially attractive when draped in starry night LED lights. If you have other water features in the backyard, such as a waterfall and pond, invite them to the party, too, with hidden spotlights. 

Scale Down to an Intimate Retreat

Once the party winds down, you might want to draw the night back in to envelop a more cozy gathering around a fire pit. With a well-planned outdoor lighting installation, you can illuminate all your best outdoor features or only the few you want at any given time. So when the party’s over, you can relax with your closest companions to finish off the celebration embraced in a closer, warmer glow of light.

If it’s time to craft your own backyard lighting installation, contact us to schedule your free design plan today. Our outdoor lighting experts will be happy to meet with you and start a no-obligation design plan to see what works best for your property and budget.

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