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Do you know this secret to beautiful outdoor lighting displays?

Using proven outdoor lighting design principles, we ensure that your home and outdoor living spaces will be safe and beautiful. Our team creates comprehensive custom exterior lighting plans for your home using the subtle placement of outdoor lighting fixtures that create the perfect effect of consistent brightness to showcase an artful use of special outdoor lighting techniques. The results are tailored to fit your taste, budget, and architectural style and are guaranteed to enhance your home and extend the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

Our secret to creating beautiful outdoor lighting displays is ensuring the placement of each light is perfect. This minimizes the number of lights needed and maximizes the outcome of your system. A key factor in our lighting expertise is the use of the highest-quality fixtures. Our corrosion-proof outdoor light fixtures, wires, and lamps set the highest standards when choosing hardware for your outdoor lighting system that can weather the toughest outdoor conditions. Over time, a rich patina will develop over time on the solid copper and brass, blending beautifully into your landscape. The performance of our exterior lighting also sets a high standard with the life expectancy and consistent light output of the lights. You can expect that your lamps will use 50 to 60% less energy while delivering the perfect amount of energy-efficient illumination with balanced light intensity. The LED technology that you will get plays a key role in increasing the efficiency of your lights and the longevity of your system. We’re so confident in the performance and durability of our system that we offer unmatched warranty coverage.

You can save today on your high-quality lighting by calling us today. Prices rise next year, so call and get $100 off systems of 6 lights or more. This offer is only valid for a limited time.* *Offer valid on appointments created through 12/31/2022