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Houston Landscape Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

But if you can’t or don’t, be sure to call us for a maintenance visit – pronto!
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If you’re embarking on installing a new landscape lighting system or upgrading your existing system with LED and more lighting, we have some tips you can use. We’ve seen it all, and it is our duty to help you avoid some of the mistakes we’ve seen homeowners make with their landscape lighting. Read the list below, and remember, we service all systems. So, if you find yourself in a pickle with your lighting for any reason, you can always call us!


Once your landscape lighting system is installed and program, you might just forget all about it. Sure, you enjoy the lighting, but do you really pay close attention after that? Please do.

It is common for homeowners to ignore a light or two that have gone out. It is common for homeowners not to get general service that will maintain the integrity of the initial lighting design. It’s common for homeowners to let shrubbery grow big without adjusting their lighting design. Don’t fall into that trap. Grab yourself an Annual Maintenance Plan so you can be covered if something does go wrong, while also enjoying a regular checkup and adjustments.


Plastic, aluminum, and powder-coated aluminum might all look good at first, but they won’t for long. Plastic breaks easy, cracks and fades. Powder-coated aluminum will chip and look old after a year or two. Go for the best lighting available. We recommend brass or copper – solid brass or copper. These lights will age beautifully in the weather and can take a stray football or two.

Light fixture

Good quality fixtures also have better bulbs with a consistent warm light that lasts. Cheaper lights can be blue, harsh white, and may be inconsistent from fixture to fixture.

Cheap transformers get hot and usually contain a photocell that is built-in. Once the photocell goes, those lights will stay on forever. And you can’t replace just the photocell – you have to buy a whole new transformer. When these transformers continuously get hot, they end up dying early and you have to replace it and a regular pace that ends up costing you more in the long run.


Today’s landscape lighting technology means you should only be buying LED. The older lights are typically Halogen and use 80% more energy than LED. They also can get very hot and even start fires.


Make sure your lighting designers care about what you care about. If your favorite landscape feature is an old John Deere tractor, an antique carriage wheel, your collection of garden gnomes or a particularly impressive Oaktree, make sure you show it off with lighting. No matter what a lighting designer tells you, your favorite landscape accessories should be illuminated for your enjoyment.

We certainly have seen a few more mistakes along the way, but we are certain that with our help, we can further beautify the Heights, Memorial, River Oaks, The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia, and most of Houston and North Houston at night, one house at a time. Call us at (713) 231-5898 today for your free nighttime lighting demonstration.