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Charlotte hotel engineers and managers are quickly learning what gardeners have always known. Light makes things grow, whether you’re running a hotel or a greenhouse. In this age of LED innovations, lighting systems can enhance hospitality-industry properties and help grow business more effectively and energy-efficiently.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte’s hospitality lighting caters to enhancing the experience for your patrons and helps grow your bottom line. We can custom design, install and maintain outdoor lighting tailor-made for the most intimate B&B to a sprawling resort!

We design, install and maintain outdoor illumination for your property. This includes exterior facades, entrances, common areas and special attraction outdoor spaces for your hotel, bed and breakfast or resort with stunning displays of highly-efficient LED lighting effects, and reduce energy bills by up to 60% in the process.

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Personalized Design, Service & Details

We know that each client and property is different, we provide personalized service that steers away from a “one design fits all” mentality. Our lighting specialists take the time to understand our client’s goals and the atmosphere they wish to reflect. Our professionals are passionate about their jobs and strive to provide the best possible service with optimal lighting results. With more than 150,000 installations completed, we know what it takes to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

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Our lighting specialists want to make sure your new lighting system provides the perfect glow and ambiance for years to come. The lighting fixtures we use in the installation of our hospitality lighting systems are of the highest quality and built with longevity in mind. We use premium corrosion-resistant fixtures handcrafted especially for each of our client’s needs. Many of our clients take a proactive approach to preserving the benefits created through hospitality exterior lighting by joining our Annual Maintenance Plan. This allows our clients to focus on their business while we maintain the integrity of your system.

We can transform any of your outdoor spaces into an inviting environment with the perfect amount of hospitality exterior lighting. Whether you want to create an intimate low-key ambiance or an upscale and active hot spot, we have the skills and equipment to create a stunning space that is sure to produce referrals and return visits to your venue.

After your initial consultation, one of our lighting specialists will install a temporary lighting system on your property. We will help you customize the look and feel of your outdoor space until it is perfect.

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For more information about our hospitality lighting services in the greater Charlotte area, please call us at (704) 703-7329.

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