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deck and patio Lighting In Charlotte

Add beauty, safety, and functionality to your deck well into the night

Investing in a deck attached to your house and only using it during the day is not taking advantage of its full potential. Sipping cocktails, having barbecues, and great conversation can continue well after the sun goes down with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte deck lighting.

Making memories with family and friends outside at home doesn’t have to be restricted to the daytime when you add the subtlety of energy-efficient LED illumination in just the right places, using the proper techniques.

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Is Outdoor Lighting Worth the Investment?

Our Charlotte deck lighting accentuates the features of your deck or patio and even landscape lighting without overpowering the yard or detracting from your nighttime view, all the while enhancing the safety of the area.

Lighting is especially helpful when installed by:

  • Stairs
  • Risers
  • Exits
  • Handrails

For example, pillar lights help define perimeters and look amazing when mounted directly onto brick and wood columns. It’s a fact that would-be intruders will stay away from a home that is well-illuminated. Your deck lighting will be inviting to friends and family while at the same time deterring those who know they’re not welcome.

Deck with specialty lighting

Putting the practical and safety reasons for Charlotte deck lighting aside, know that you never have to give up beauty to achieve function. Today’s decks have a variety of different amenities and features, such as a fireplace, bar, hot tub, and more.

Our professional outdoor lighting designers will take into consideration all of your deck’s characteristics to create the perfect custom deck lighting look for your outdoor living space. By using the dramatic play of light and shadows, we can achieve the right “mood” for your outdoor event or gathering.

We achieve this by using a combination of lighting styles to accommodate different purposes. The size and shape of an area to illuminate, in combination of its function helps determine the types and number of lights you need for your deck lighting in Charlotte.

Deck with seating area and lighting

Illuminating Cooking Spaces

If you have an area that requires specific tasks, such as an outdoor kitchen, we can use spotlights to make sure you’re cutting your lemons and limes right at night. Accent lighting creates a soft, inviting atmosphere in seating areas, and outdoor string lighting can create a festive feel all year round.

If you’ve got a tree whose limbs create a canopy over the deck we could even install down-lighting from the branches that would create a magical dappling effect on the deck. The combinations are endless, and our professional Charlotte deck lighting designers will work with you to create the best overall ambiance.

Do I Have to Remember to Turn my Outdoor Lights Off?

In addition to creating a much more usable and beautiful outdoor living space, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte will make sure your Charlotte deck lighting system is fully automated — meaning that it will be programmed to turn on and off at specific times so you never need go through the trouble of manually turning on your deck lights. Your deck lighting serves many purposes — beauty, safety, entertainment, and convenience.

When creating an outdoor lighting system, we focus on the effect, not the fixture. But while the effect of our lighting design will increase the curb appeal of your home, our exclusive high-quality fixtures add style and are a cut above the rest. Our corrosion-proof outdoor light fixtures, wires and lamps can weather the toughest outdoor conditions.

You’ll love the way the solid copper and brass takes on a rich patina over time, blending beautifully into your landscape. With a long life expectancy and a consistent light output, we’re so confident of our equipment’s performance and durability that we offer unmatched warranty coverage.

Deck with lighting

In combination with deck lighting, Charlotte landscape lighting creates the perfect evening outdoor oasis. Imagine looking out your back windows to see not only a beautifully illuminated deck, but just beyond that, a favorite tree highlighted with soft focal lighting, or a prized area of your garden standing out from the shadows with our Charlotte garden lighting to create an enchanting scene. The possibilities are endless.

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Charlotte Decorative Patio LightinG

Walkway lightingGone are the days where a patio is simply a slab of concrete attached to your house by the backdoor. Today’s patios are a beautifully created outdoor space of materials like paver, brick, stone, and hardscapes to enhance the quality of time spent at home with family and friends, not to mention they increase the monetary value of your property for future sale.

Oftentimes, patios are used to surround pools or transition areas within your landscape, or even an outdoor courtyard. You may even have an outdoor fireplace or kitchen. No matter the size, shape, or purpose of your patio, the last thing you want is to lose its usability when the sun goes down.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with Functional & Visually Pleasing Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, we can ensure your enjoyment of your patio living space lasts well into the evening with custom decorative patio lighting. Charlotte patio lighting provides added security for more visibility, mobility and footing on your patio or hardscape area while in use.

Lighting your hardscape area can also promote ambiance and character, setting the mood for endless evening enjoyment. Our lighting designers will take into consideration all aspects of your patio area to create the perfect custom evening atmosphere, with appropriate light fixtures for each area and desired goals.

Charlotte landscape and patio lighting

For areas that are difficult to illuminate, our copper and brass half-moon sconces are the perfect subtle accoutrements for glowing comfort and safety. They are used in a variety of areas such as retaining walls or other areas of your deck or patio.

These lights are both beautiful and durable, standing the test of time while also casting the widest indirect wash of light. Since they are made of copper and brass, over time they develop a lovely patina with age.

Copper path lightAnother possible fixture we may use in your Charlotte decorative patio lighting installation is the classic adjustable pier-mounted copper path light. These are often placed around landscaping that surrounds your deck or patio, or even secured atop retaining walls or other hardscapes. Landscape lighting often goes hand in hand with patio lighting, and allows for a seamless and enjoyable nighttime backyard experience.

Do you have a single area of your outdoor living space that you want a broad swath of light, for example a gazebo? Then moonlighting would be a great option. It’s another word for downlighting, which creates a focused space and broad wash of light from high above and want good visibility.

Charlotte patio lightingIf your patio is surrounded by vertical structures, uplighting is a fantastic technique. We use focal lighting to project light upwards on areas like trees, fountains, fences, and statues. This unique look is both elegant and conveys a sense of sophistication.

Every deck and patio is unique, and our professional lighting designers have years of experience creating the perfect decorative patio lighting atmosphere for homeowners, regardless of size or features.

Enhance Your Home Security with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting not only adds beauty and ambiance to your home, but it also plays a crucial role in enhancing your home security. Well-placed outdoor lights can deter potential intruders and provide added safety for you and your family. Our Charlotte outdoor lighting experts can design a custom lighting plan to illuminate key areas around your home, such as entryways, pathways, and dark corners, to ensure maximum security.

Benefits of enhancing your home security with outdoor lighting include:

  • Deterrence of potential intruders
  • Increased safety for you and your family
  • Peace of mind knowing your home is well-lit and secure
  • Added value to your property
  • Enhanced curb appeal

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