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Garden Lighting Services in Charlotte

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte offers premium garden lighting installation

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, we know how long and hectic some days can be. Most people, after a long, tiresome day, just want to relax after the sun goes down. A nice summer evening on the patio sounds nice, but hardly ideal if you’ve only got a harsh, bright spotlight on your outdoor sitting space. During the day, many people don’t get to appreciate the toils of tending to their beautiful gardens. But the fruits (and flowers) of your labor don’t need to be cloaked in darkness — garden lighting can illuminate and highlight key features of your residential garden and outdoor landscape in ways that daytime sunlight just can’t compare.

Garden lighting with a lit fountain

The Importance of Garden Lighting

Whereas exterior LED lighting for the front of your home is about highlighting your house and its key features, garden lighting is about telling a story and giving you comfort in your own outdoor space. It’s not as much about seeing your garden at night as it is what you want to highlight and what kind of experience you want from your garden after the sun sets. Do you want to add illumination to that beautiful Chinese maple? Are you looking to create a subtle path to follow as you walk through your garden in the evening hours? Knowing your goals is the first step that we take to designing the perfect after-hours Charlotte garden lighting experience for you to enjoy.

There is no specific formula or equation for creating the best nighttime experience for highlighting your garden. After being Charlotte’s premier outdoor lighting professionals for twenty years, we know it’s just as much of an art as it is a science to use the correct lighting fixtures and techniques to create the scene and story of your backyard garden that you want to tell. It’s not the light source that matters — it’s what kind of light and how it is projected. Our gentle, soft white lighting doesn’t wash out otherwise beautiful colors of your flora, but highlights and brings them to life by illuminating at just the right angles and using shadows to create a sense of depth and dramatic, enchanting illumination.

The magic of Charlotte garden lighting

The color palette your choose to use to make your garden beautiful during the day don’t have to be hidden by the darkness of night. By using our Charlotte LED garden and tree lighting, your garden’s colors can come to life with a rich warm glow that can actually be truer and more beautiful under proper illumination versus the glare of the bright sunshine. A proper garden lighting design can create a truly magical experience, whether you’re enjoying a nice summer night outside or looking out from the inside on a chilly winter evening.

Lit garden path​

When installing your Charlotte garden lighting, our well-trained professionals are careful to place the fixtures in areas that are subtle and unobtrusive. We only use solid, unpainted copper so there’s no need to worry about paint chipping off or loss of quality or deterioration of lower-quality metal. Our lighting fixtures stand the test of time both physically and aesthetically, giving you beautifully-lit garden the longevity it deserves.

Professional Outdoor Garden Lighting from OLP

Enjoy your garden day and night with garden lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Relaxing and unwinding after a long day is something you deserve, and the hard work you’ve put into your garden deserves to be appreciated when you’re home. Beauty is often most appreciated after sundown; let us help you create the scenes and tell the story you want to tell in the tranquility of your garden in the comfort of the evening.

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