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String Light Installation in Charlotte

There will always be another special occasion to celebrate, which is great because outdoor party lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can stay in place year-round!

Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding or a high school reunion, festive outdoor lighting should be at the top of your Party To-Do List. With so many details to handle, this is one you can turn over to us. We have installed nostalgic outdoor string lighting for more special events than we can count. The interesting thing is many of our clients decide to keep the string lights in place long after the celebration. Weeks … months … years.

outdoor festival lights

We are your premier Charlotte festival lighting company, so we would not steer you wrong on this point. Our reputation is on the line! Time after time clients who ordered party lighting have decided to keep it up instead of having us come back and remove it after the party. Some have said the lights added so much fun to the event they wanted to keep that festive mood going indefinitely. Party lights can make every weekend feel like a reason to celebrate! Between national holidays, birthdays and other special occasions, how can you ever decide to stop having fun with festive lighting? Installing patio string lights, garden string lights, or wherever your event will be held just might be your next favorite investment.

Have You Felt the Allure of Outdoor String Lighting?

Whether it was an event you hosted or one you attended as a guest, you have probably been to at least one outdoor celebration where party lighting was included in the décor. These lights go by many names such as festival lighting, Edison string lighting or café outdoor lighting. Whatever you call them, they add an extra dimension of fun and expectation to any event. We call this enhancement. With party lights, we’re not just illuminating your event, we are enhancing it.

Outdoor Wedding Lighting

What is the allure of string lighting? Placing the outdoor strings of lights among your trees or stringing them over your deck or patio creates a romantic ambiance that hearkens back to a more carefree era. You certainly don’t have to turn these lights on every night, but we think you might want to. The beautiful globe-shaped bulbs we use lend an air of nostalgia with a side order of festivity. Whether you’re having a formal cocktail party or a beach blanket bingo splash, you really can’t go wrong with these long-lasting café string lights.

Why You Need Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte to Install Your Party Lighting

We have heard that some people try to install their own party lighting, but we don’t understand why. First, it can be a lot of work, with ladders and tools and such. Sometimes not all of the desired points in your setting actually include a structure where you can attach the string café lights. That will not deter our professional lighting technicians. If we need to install a pole to give your party lighting a place to touch base, we will do that! We have installed these wonderful lights everywhere, from all kinds of backyards to public event spaces and restaurants, too, of course.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte uses energy-efficient, professional-grade LED string lighting. The light fixtures are made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions with each socket covered by a rubber top, protecting the electrical connection and keeping you safe. We don’t let your light strings sag or dip, either. By stringing them along a guide wire, we make sure they stay where we put them. Finally, because we create a custom installation for each locale, we measure your space in advance and return with strings of light designed to fit.

outside party light

We also custom-design the actual lighting plan depending on how much light you want and what shape would best suit your venue. One option includes lighting the perimeter of the event space and the perimeter of a dance floor. Another design option is stringing the lights in rows back and forth across the event space, which is especially nice for a seated dinner on the lawn. If you want our most romantic design, we can create a fan shape in which the strings of light all start at a central point and fan out across your space.

We Service Restaurants, Outdoor Markets and Cafés with Bistro Lighting, too!

Bistro outdoor lighting, café lighting or market lighting—however you refer to it at your establishment—can increase traffic as passing diners are pulled in by the emotional warmth these lights create. Whether you’re building an atmosphere of nostalgia or light-hearted festivity, Edison string lighting is a worthwhile investment. Try it and we predict you will be pleased with the results.

If you’re lighting an event space, a backyard celebration or a bistro setting, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today at (704) 703-7329 for a free exterior string light consultation. We want to illuminate your special event and help you create memories.

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