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Landscape lighting design on Charlotte propertyWhen it comes to choosing an outdoor lighting company to illuminate your home, it may be tempting to hire your lawn service or even a friend of a friend to do your Charlotte outdoor lighting design and exterior landscape lighting design. It can’t be that hard, right? This is where the proof will be in the results and you may be surprised. When choosing someone to illuminate your home and landscaping, it’s important to go with the professionals. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte has been designing, installing, and servicing Charlotte’s residential and commercial properties for over 20 years, and we know that it’s much more than focusing on selling the most lights possible.


Path lighting after yard lighting designWhile Charlotte outdoor lighting design is all about focal points, the first thing we focus on is you, the homeowner, and your goals. What are you wanting to accomplish with your outdoor lighting? Are you looking to create a safety and security on a walkway? Are you looking to beautify a particular area of your yard or add festive string lights? Are you hoping to get more usage out of your patio or deck for entertainment purposes? Would you like to upgrade your old outdoor lighting system to energy saving low voltage lighting and LEDs? Maybe you’re hoping to create a sense of security while also highlighting your home’s features. All of these things can be accomplished and more as we take your main goals into consideration as our experienced lighting designers create a custom outdoor lighting design to fit your property and your needs.

Because every home and property is unique, it’s important to note that there is no set formula or fixed blueprint when it comes to Charlotte outdoor lighting design. Our designers have years of experience and know their craft as both an art and a science. Good lighting is less about which fixtures hold the light as much as it’s about how the light is cast, where, and what kind of effect and mood it creates. The copper fixtures we use are of the highest quality, however they’re more of a supporting actor, shining a light on your home and landscaping, which is the main star.

Well lit driveway and house Your home’s façade is likely the first thing you want illuminated when you come to us wanting Charlotte outdoor lighting design. We take into consideration all of your home’s architectural features, including roof lines, gables, eaves, columns and more in addition to your existing landscaping like trees and bushes to create the optimal front illumination of your home. Our designers will cast the right glow in the right places, and taking advantage of depth and shadow, creating a dramatic, yet welcoming effect for the front of your home while strategically illuminating areas that would-be intruders would otherwise hide.


Of course, good outdoor lighting design doesn’t stop with a home’s façade, that’s only where it starts. Charlotte landscape lighting design goes beyond the physical structure of the home and extends to the surrounding yard, walkways, and beyond. Your goals for landscape lighting are just as important, and our professional designers will keep them in mind when creating your property’s custom landscape design.

Well lit pathway One important element of landscape lighting is path lighting. It serves a functional need of safe travel, while also guiding you or guests elsewhere on your property. Along that path and elsewhere around your property we highlight the elements of your landscaping and architecture in subtle, tasteful ways, because the overall goal of Charlotte landscape lighting design is not to illuminate everything, it’s to softly highlight certain things, and create the ambiance you desire.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives knows that good Charlotte landscape lighting design is about creating magic in darkness, and telling the story of you, your family, and your property in picturesque ways that a regular lawn service company or friend of a friend simply can’t. We’re not just lighting designers and technicians, we’re artists and storytellers. Let us help you tell your story with a custom Charlotte landscape lighting design.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte at (704) 703-7329 for a free consultation and to setup a nighttime demonstration. We look forward to bringing your home and landscaping to life at night!

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