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Our Charlotte Outdoor Lighting Techniques are Not for the Novice!

Outdoor lighting isn’t just about pretty fixtures, it’s also about good design. It takes years of learning and skill to have the talent to properly showcase a home, property and all its unique features in the best light. It’s a delicate balance of uplighting, downlighting and other professional techniques to illuminate everything to achieve the perfect picture in the dark of night. Most homeowners, your landscaper or pool guy do not have the ability, experience or artistry to pull all these methods and aspects together to create a gorgeous dimensional look that makes your home stand out. If not done properly, you end up with a flat look and lots of dark areas that just don’t do your home justice.

Only trust your home & landscape to a professional

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte has professional designers and architects on staff that know how to paint a picture with rays of light. We employ all sorts of clever tricks to angle and bend light in various directions so that it shows off your home, plants, trees and all the architectural facets in elegant and exciting way.

landscape tree lighting Uplighting:

Fixtures are placed close to the façade of your home or directly under a tree to create a bold and striking beam of light that has quite an eye-catching feel. Move a fixture a few feet away, and a whole new look is achieved with a wider bathe of light.


backyard garden lighting This is a tough one for a novice to achieve, and it’s an extension of downlighting that provides broad washes of light that make things appear as if they have been kissed by the moon. We hide fixtures high up in the trees that cast a gorgeous shadowy effect that gives the feeling as if the light is being pulled through the limbs of your trees. The glow it creates can be quite fascinating and exciting series of shadows with a very natural feel.


This technique is similar to moonlighting, but it’s brighter and more intentional. We can affix your fixtures high up on your home, any structure or even a tree so that it splashes a wide angle of light over a large, expansive area. You get a lot of bang for your buck with downlighting since we can cover quite a bit of real estate when it’s employed properly. Different effects can be created depending on how close or far it’s placed from the area being lit.

dark palm lighting

Silhouetting and Shadowing:

This is where deep experience is truly needed in terms of outdoor landscape lighting, and it has the most impact in the hands of a knowledgeable lighting designer with some serious creativity. The designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte employ some theatrical skills by strategically placing fixtures behind a favorite feature such as an ornamental tree or a waterfall to create a dazzling backdrop that makes the object pop in the night and look larger than life. The mood silhouetting creates is incredibly striking and it’s a definite head-turner. Alternately, shadowing showcases an object in a softer light but creates tons of movement such as capturing a tree’s limbs and leaves glimmering in a breeze. The level of drama created by these two effects is like no other in the hands of someone that really knows what they are doing!

side fence lighting for safety

Accent highlighting:

A treasured piece of sculpture, a water fountain or a piece of outdoor art that needs its own special halo of light to make it glow in the evening can be highlighted with specific accent lighting. Depending on the situation, our architects angle a beam of light upward or downward to pinpoint anything that has incredible architectural value that is like a treasure in the garden. If you’ve got an item that you want to cast a very special glow directly onto, accent lighting is the way to turn on the charm in a gorgeous way.

charlotte focal lighting

Let us show you how our lighting designers can utilize dramatic tricks to make your home stand out from the rest. Give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte a call today so we can demonstrate how we can change the look of your home in the evening at (704) 703-7329.