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Create a festive feel all year round with Charlotte string lighting

LED string lighting for backyard Every day can feel like a special occasion with our Charlotte string lighting. Also known as festival lighting, market lighting, Edison string lighting, party lighting, or café lighting, patio string lighting can add a touch of elegance and ambiance to your backyard all year round. They create a stunning atmosphere that may evoke a feeling of a warmth and celebration, enhancing your outdoor living space instantly in a way that nothing else will. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte embraces and designs festive string lighting with the overall “mood” you’d like to create in mind, whether you’re dressing up a home patio or commercial location.

Charlotte string lighting professionally installed and made to last

While it’s true that you could go to a big box store and purchase a set of do-it-yourself string lighting, a store-bought kit is never as high-quality or durable as having it professionally designed and installed. Store-bought string lighting rarely lasts more than a single season, but a professional string patio lighting installation from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte uses top-quality LED lights, sockets, and wiring, with no easily-broken plastic components. Each string lighting installation comes with a 5-year warranty on LED bulbs — that’s right, 5 years!

Unlike the DIY kits, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte uses a strong guide wire so your string lights never droop or sag. Our lights are custom strung for the exact length needed, so there will never be a couple extra lights hanging on the ends with nowhere to go, or be a few bulbs short of the desired length. Our professional string lighting installations are durable enough for commercial outdoor spaces or your backyard, and last year-round.

patio string lights in backyardCustom string lighting design

Our lighting designers will first come to your home and meet with you to learn exactly what kind of lighting you’re looking for, how and where you’d like to them to go. Are you looking for straight lines, or a fan design? We’ll measure your space and determine the best places for the string lights to start and end, whether they’re trees, a corner of your home, or your screened porch or patio. Iif you don’t have sufficient places to hang them, don’t worry — we can easily install posts.

No matter what you decide for a design, with a professional string lighting installation from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, you’ll end up with an elegant outdoor space that has just the right touch of illumination for a celebration every day or a special occasion, that conveys a mood that isn’t easily described — only felt.

If you’re ready to create a truly remarkable space at your home or business, one that is welcoming, warm, and fun — call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today at (704) 703-7329. We’ll be happy to schedule a time to visit and give you a free demonstration for an idea of the magical atmosphere you’ll be creating!