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Do You Have an Old Outdoor Lighting System? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can Revamp or Replace it for you

Have you taken a stroll through your yard this spring to find your outdoor lighting system is not working very well?  It happens to many homeowners when Out-of-date exterior lighting systemthe system ages and has not been serviced at regular intervals.   Maybe you purchased your home with the outdoor lighting system already installed and it has not weathered well over the years.  There’s no need to worry.  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can revamp commercial-grade systems in most cases and if that is not an option, we can redesign and replace it with a new system.

We like to give our clients options and if their old systems are useable, we can incorporate into the new design.  There are times when older fixtures are still useable but not working properly.  In those cases, we can sometimes repair the existing system by rewiring or correcting faulty connections.  Faulty wiring can lead to a decrease in light output or complete failure of the circuit.

Modern Exterior Lighting SystemOften times when we come in to service a system, our trained eyes notice that fixtures originally illuminating an area are now being blocked by plant growth.  We can either relocate the old fixtures to better showcase your landscaping or home or even add lighting to the design to accommodate for the growth, especially in trees and larger foliage.

If neither of these options are a candidate for your property, we can remove the old system and design a new lighting scheme to enhance the existing landscaping.  If the system is fifteen years old or older, the prudent option often is to replace the system.   With OLP high quality fixtures, LED technology and our seventeen year history in the Charlotte marketplace, we would welcome the opportunity to help with your landscape lighting needs.

Rest assured that no matter what option is needed for your old system, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte is committed to getting your outdoor lighting back in shape. So if you have an old system, give us a call. We not only pride ourselves on our ability to design and install beautiful systems but also on our ability to revamp a system that qualifies. Contact us today - we look forward to working with you!