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Top Three Outdoor Lighting Mistakes That Can Be Avoided for Your Charlotte Home

As an outdoor lighting professional, I truly enjoy seeing quality work. A home and garden well illuminated, highlighting all of the property’s best features and creating a welcoming mood, is one of my favorite sights. That said, a poorly lit property is painful to see. Typically, when outdoor lighting is poorly installed, it was a do-it-yourself project or done by a novice. Homeowners and non-professional installers do have good intentions, but a lack of knowledge about lighting can lead them to unattractive mistakes. But by trusting your new lighting system to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, you can avoid these mistakes and have the beautiful light you are looking for.

Awkward Fixtures – You have seen them. They are positioned in a mulch bed and stand out night or day. The biggest problem with awkward fixtures is Walkway Lightingthat they undermine the purpose of outdoor lighting. Quality outdoor lighting should showcase the best of your property. It is about an effect, not the fixtures. If fixtures are drawing attention to themselves, they are not drawing attention to the unique features of your home. The best way to combat this mistake is to choose quality fixtures that will blend into your landscape and to have a professional install them so they will be in optimum positions. The lighting fixtures we use are the best available. All of our accent lighting is copper and over time develop a patina finish that is stylish and helps to further camouflage.

Exterior House LightingInsufficient Illumination – Many systems that are not installed by a professional are lit by fixtures placed at corners, and while corners need illumination, they are not the only portions of your home that deserve light. Insufficient lighting creates dark spots on the facade of a house. These dark spots are different from shadows. Professional designers use shadows to give texture and create focus, but these shadows have a purpose. And they are not so dark they are devoid of detail. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the facade of a home should be whitewashed with light, but it does mean that there should be enough light to show your architectural details and ensure that your family and guest have enough visibility. Getting sufficient lighting involves choosing the correct fixtures for the job and placing them correctly.

Solar Lighting – Though it is the most energy-efficient lighting available, solar lighting technology really hasn’t developed enough to be effectively used as outdoor lighting. The light emitted is not powerful enough, and it can be oddly colored. These characteristics exist partly because solar lights store energy from sunlight to burn once the sun goes down. Unfortunately, current fixtures can’t hold enough energy to be effective. A better option for the energy conscious, environmentally friendly homeowner is an LED outdoor lighting system. These systems are extremely energy efficient and low wattage, they last up to 80% longer than their halogen counterparts, and the light they emit is natural and warm.

So if you are installing an outdoor lighting system, don’t make these mistakes. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today. We will ensure that your property is beautiful, striking, and looking exactly the way you want.

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