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Garden Lighting Showcases the Best Charlotte Gardens

While a period of heavy rain may dampen outdoor plans, it’s very good for our lawns and gardens to get a drink. We’re sure that your garden is important to you, just like your home. You work hard to maintain and improve it, and all of that work becomes apparent in your garden’s details – the exact edges, trimmed and shaped hedges, towering trees, blooming flowers and dense mulch. With so much sweat and effort invested in your garden, you deserve to have it visible and catching eyes whether it be daytime or nighttime. Now with garden lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, your garden will continue to shine after dark. Your family and guests will continue to experience the relaxation and natural wonder that a beautifully maintained landscape brings.

Garden LightingPergola UplightingWe use several different lighting techniques to showcase the best of your garden. Your paths and stone/brick work can be washed with area lighting, so detail and texture will stand out. For tall, specimen trees, dramatic uplighting creates shadows to give them a sense of mystery and dignity. And for water features, statues, or fountains, wide flood lighting can be angled to enhance the mood of your choice – drama, elegance, enchantment, or relaxation. Outdoor lighting will not only ensure that your garden is visible, but the light itself can work with your garden’s features to affect the mood of those who pass through it.

The position of your lighting fixtures is critical to effectively illuminating your gardens. Placing lights too close to trees, shrubs, or other features can cause hot spot in which detail is completely obscured by a large white spot. Sometimes, mere inches can be the difference in excellent and mediocre lighting. When we are creating your system, you don’t just get great people to install it. An outdoor lighting designer will work with you to determine the optimal position for your new lights, ensuring that your system is perfectly suited to your garden.

If you are ready to dress up your garden, outdoor lighting may be the addition you are looking for. Give us call. We can bring lights out to demo at your property. That way, you can really see what excellent garden lighting can do for your gardens.

Contact us today - we look forward to working with you!