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Swim Around the Clock – The Best Pool Area Lighting in Charlotte

In the Southern summer weather, an in ground pool is a must. The humidity and heat during these next few months can be borderline unbearable. That’s why your pool is an essential part of your home. Not only does it cool you off and add value to your property, but it’s aesthetically pleasing. It’s a key feature of your breathtaking landscape. So why limit its hours of use? With the proper pool area lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte, you can swim well into the hours of the night.

Pool and Patio LightingPool area lighting can dazzle and amaze regardless of what kind of pool or hot tub you own.  Our copper casted path lights can do amazing things around the concrete. Placing them evenly right outside this area will illuminate softly. The light covers a wide area and softly reaches the edge of the pool, pouring over and creating calm, soothing ambiance. If you have a sitting wall around the pool, deck lights can be installed directly on it, lighting up the area.  What about steps leading up to a Jacuzzi area?  Safety is a top priority around any body of water and we can help light the pathway and stairs so there aren’t any slips or falls.  You won’t have to hesitate with concern when your kids run out for a quick night swim or if your impromptu pool party lasts longer than expected.

Imagine the possibilities with Charlotte pool area lighting. The midnight soirees and the hours of enjoyment are right within reach of your patio. Just the look of the water moving hypnotically beneath gentle lighting will increase your landscape’s beauty tenfold. So contact us and we’ll reach out to you. Allow us to demonstrate exactly what we can do in your own backyard. Beat the approaching summer heat at any hour with a safely, beautifully illuminated pool area.Poolside Lighting