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Is your outdoor lighting fall-holiday-ready?


We are one the precipice of one of the busiest times of the whole year. From the fast approaching trick-or-treaters that will soon come to call, to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and all the way through New Year, most homes will feel like a revolving door of friends and family the next few months. With this in mind, Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Charlotte is poised to make sure your homes are clean, welcoming, and looking their holiday best.

woman holding a bowl of candy for young girl trick or treating
Bring princesses safely to your door with outdoor lighting for your home.

Making sure your existing landscape lighting and outdoor lighting is operating in top form will create a positive first impression as guests come to call.

With the days getting shorter and nightfall making an earlier entrance, it is also important to make sure your outdoor areas are well-lit so your outdoor enjoyment can continue well into the evening. Give your Halloween visitors a well-lit entrance onto your property, all the way up to your door. Don’t count on street lamps to keep them from tripping on landscaping elements or dimly-lit steps.Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte can tackle the job of maintaining your existing outdoor lighting system, adding to it or installing a brand new lighting system for you from scratch. We can put you on the schedule right now for an autumn inspection so you are ready to enjoy the season and busy holiday season ahead.

children trick or treating in neighborhood
Don’t allow your trick-or-treaters to “feel” their way to your door in dark hours

Beautiful, useful outdoor lighting design & installation – it’s what we do!

If you have an existing exterior lighting system we will inspect it to assure your system is working properly and that any burnt out bulbs are replaced. This is also a great time to consider converting an old-school halogen system to an all LED outdoor lighting system the bulbs last much longer and consume less electricity. We come in and check all your wiring and make sure it’s all intact and we re-bury any wire that has made its way to the surface due to any landscape activity or inclement weather too. We also carefully inspect all your fixtures to make sure they are in good shape, aligned properly, and free of dirt or spider webs, and we will trim any plant overgrowth blocking your beam of light.  We also check your transformer to ensure that it is carrying the load of wattage properly and that your timer is functioning as it should.

brick home with exterior house lighting and landscape lighting in charlotte
Our professional outdoor lighting designs add beauty and function

Autumn is a great time to decide if you wish to add additional lighting to enhance your system, or perhaps you feel that a lighting upgrade is in order. We can give your property a whole new look in terms of ambience and mood if you are ready for a change of how your home and property are currently illuminated.

charlotte led outdoor patio lightsWe can add lighting to the areas where family and friends primarily congregate in your backyard and make sure that those spots are lit up so they not only look beautiful, but that they are safer as to avoid slip and falls. Lighting steps and entrances into a patio or deck, for example, is a great candidate for additional light so that you and your guests can easily navigate. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte will ensure your pathways from your driveway to your yard are visible enough to navigate safely — and to avoid coming home to a dark home night after night.

Nothing is more welcoming than the warm glow of Charlotte outdoor lighting on a chilly autumn night!

Are you ready to discuss a custom outdoor lighting design or upgrade for your home? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte today!