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Starry Lights - The New Way to Light Your Trees for Events

Gazebo with outdoor party lighting

When you are planning a special occasion, may it be a wedding, anniversary, quinceañera, or more, add that extra bit of ambience with outdoor event lighting to help you party into the night!

The Best String Lighting for Your Event

Outdoor string lights are a classic lighting design during the wedding season and other special summertime events. For years, people have strung them around branches in trees to make them glow. Everyone, including your guests love that affect, but it’s a lot of work! You have to get up on a ladder and then navigation a string of lights around branches and leaves. Starry lights creates the same beautiful affect without the work.

What are Starry Lights?

tree with starry lights

The Starry Lights fixture is small and can be installed into the ground around a tree or other surface you want to sparkle for the holidays. When turned on, it shoots hundreds of small bursts of LED light onto the surface, making it look as if numerous string lights had been installed. Just like other outdoor Christmas lights, the fixture can be plugged into an extension cord.

Starry Lights come in red, green, purple and blue and can made to accent additional outdoor lighting you use for you outdoor event. The affect is not only beautiful and enchanting, but also fun for anytime of the year. Imagine sitting in your backyard surrounded by dazzling trees!

Outdoor Party Lighting Ideas

It’s our special day! It’s time to get creative! Outdoor lighting is a wonderful way to elevate your entire venue and make your guests feel like they just walked into a whole new world. There are endless possibilities with the wide variety of outdoor party lighting available:

  • String bistro lighting – wonderful over pergolas for a romantic effect or across a dance floor.
  • Tree lighting and decorating other natural elements, such as gardens and hedges
  • Hanging lanterns to light up pathways
  • color-changing lights to keep the mood upbeat and bright for the dance party
  • Fairy lights – similar to starry lights, this aesthetic is a little more delicate and great to smaller details, such as chandeliers and table decorations
  • Wall hangs – turn that negative space into a photo op with festive string lighting!

Looking for more outdoor lighting design ideas? Download our free guide here!

After Party Décor Clean Up

Design plan for lighting on trees in Chicago

After the party is sadly over, we’ll come back to the property and carefully take down the lights. You’ve worked hard to pull off this party, let us handle the lighting!

If you’re interested in discussing your lighting needs, please reach out to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Chicago today!​​