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Daylight Savings and Outdoor Lighting

As the sunlight fades away faster in the Chicagoland area this time of year, it is crucial to prepare your outdoor lighting system. In the spring time when our clocks “spring forward” we may forget the importance of outdoor lighting, but once our clocks “fall backwards” in November it is time to increase the lighting around your walkways, pathways, driveways and other outdoor common areas. The increased lighting will not only add appeal to your home, but can also increase the safety that you and your guests feel as you navigate in the dark.

Pathway and Sidewalk Lighting in Chicago

Why add pathway lighting to your outdoor space?

Adding professional lighting to your sidewalks, step stone pathways, and other outdoor trail areas can give you peace of mind as you move from your vehicle to your entry doors at a darker hour. With holidays right around the corner, you may be carrying bags of gifts, bags of groceries, or helping a holiday visitor into your home. Lighting the path that you travel can be a safer approach for everybody!

Patio Lighting in Chicago

Why add patio lighting to your outdoor space?

With holiday guests coming into town, and that new fire pit or freshly installed fireplace just waiting to be used, adding functional landscape lighting or even festive string lighting can add ambiance to your space this season. Not only will it bring a bit more joy to the exterior of your home, but it will also make your space a bit more visible as you and your guests move around.

Why should OLP maintain your outdoor lighting system?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives does not only install the landscape lighting on your property, but they also offer an annual maintenance plan! They will handle everything from bulb replacement, to wire and connection reviews, and will even provide priority service. Get peace of mind this season, while also preparing for next year. Daytime may be wasted but your time should not be, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives at (630) 345-4249 to install and maintain the visibility, functionality, and practicality of your living space.