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Embassy Outdoor Lighting in Washington, D.C.

With more than 175 embassies, ambassador’s residences, international cultural centers, and foreign mission properties, D.C. is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the nation. Representatives from countries across the globe live and work for their home embassy right here in the District.

One thing that makes these properties so beautiful and functional in the dark is outdoor lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of DC Metro has developed a reputation as a trusted resource for designing, installing, and maintaining exterior lighting at foreign mission properties. We perform lighting installations keeping the dignity of such properties, and the needs of staff, residents, and visitors in mind.

Embassy with lighting

Outdoor lighting at foreign mission properties, such as embassies and residences, includes directing people to proper points of access, and minimizing hazardous glare and dangerous dark pockets. Our quality lighting is designed to draw attention to the focal points of building’s architecture and illuminate the property.

Outdoor Lighting at Embassies

When it comes to outdoor lighting at embassies, our focus is typically on lighting to show off an outdoor space for events and hosting, and functional lights to highlight entries and parking, as well to deter loitering. Embassies we have done work for include Ukraine, Australia, Singapore, Gabon, and more.

Professionally installed low-voltage outdoor lighting at embassies illuminates and elegantly enhances the properties. Whether lighting facades, landscaping, trees, gardens, sculptures, pathways, or holiday lighting – we provide an innovative design to showcase the property.


Outdoor lighting creates beautiful and functional environments, and a deterrent to keep a foreign mission residence safe and secure. Strategically lighting the property, the areas surrounding the property, and the perimeter of the property makes it less inviting for a potential intruder.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of DC Metro, we understand the art of blending safety and security with the aesthetic aspect of a lighting design. Our designers focus on highlighting all the best features of the front of your property, garden, decks, pool, trees, and pathways to create a welcoming ambiance. During our free nighttime assessment, you’ll meet with one of our lighting designers to discuss all your lighting needs for your foreign mission property.

We Are Experts in Foreign Mission Lighting

As an expert in foreign mission property lighting, we work in dozens of countries every year but never leave the Washington, DC area. Our skill and dedication to working with Foreign Embassies is due to our open and trust-establishing business practices that have led to our reputation as the embassy lighting expert.

Our diplomatic projects include embassies and residences, as described above. Schedule your free consultation with an outdoor lighting designer to discuss your lighting needs. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of DC Metro has decades of experience creating elegant designs and completing flawless installations. Our team takes pride in creating lighting designs that look great at night! During our free nighttime assessment, you’ll meet with one of our lighting designers to discuss all your lighting needs.

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