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Be the Envy of Your Neighbors – Potomac

Exquisite plantings, careful landscaping and meticulous upkeep — all of these are key to putting your home’s best “face” forward. But without the right exterior lighting, these details get lost at night. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives understands that “keeping up with the Jones’” — as well boosting safety and security — can be a challenge, especially within the beautiful neighborhoods of the Potomac.

Curb Appeal

As the sun sets, some homes fade into the shadow, while others truly shine. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives works with you to play up your home’s best architectural assets, while making even ordinary features a bit more glamorous.Standard-issue entryway posts, for example, can resemble majestic columns with strategic illumination. A humdrum walkway twinkles invitingly when lined with the right fixtures. Best of all, outdoor lighting adds safe walking areas for your friends and family, while providing crucial security.


Whether it’s a festively-lit evening cookout on the deck, a warmly-glowing gazebo or a beautifully illuminated pool, exterior lighting turns all of your outdoor areas into special, warmly-lit spaces.
And don’t forget to show off your yard’s natural features. Prized rose gardens, specimen trees and emerald lawns — all are worth displaying. Well-lighting and other ground fixtures contribute a warm glow to these areas when viewed from afar, and provide visibility for exploring up close.

Superior Performance

Your neighbors may moan about their electricity bills, but with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you’ll achieve up to 80 percent savings in electricity with our LED based bulbs. And replacement costs are also noticeably lower than you’ll find for most exterior systems, because our bulbs are more durable when exposed to the elements than our competitors . They also boast a longer overall life, due to their superior, energy-saving design, and are backed by a 5 year warranty. Increasingly, people are interested in reducing their carbon footprints, and you’ll likely wow your neighborhood on that front, too. Along with the decrease in energy expended to power your exterior lighting, you’ll also experience the peace of mind of knowing that your system doesn’t contain toxic materials.


Our team of trained and experienced lighting professionals and designers can help bring your property to life. You’ll find that here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are a trusted choice for lighting for hospitality locations across the Potomac area, so call today at (202) 873-9113 to learn more.

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