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Benefits of Outdoor LED LIGHTING IN


Outdoor lighting is one of the first things that people notice about your home when the sun starts to go down. If you’re contemplating switching to LED lighting, there’s several reasons you won’t want to delay: LED lighting is as functional and cost-efficient as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Energy Efficient Lighting

LED lighting is far more efficient than incandescent lighting systems, using about 90% less energy than those bulbs per year. LED lights also have an average lifespan of 50,000 while the traditional incandescent light bulbs will only last around 1,200 hours. Take these into account for large and complex outdoor lighting setups, and this can equal hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings over the course of just one year.


We use only high-quality corrosion-proof materials so that your beautiful LED lighting arrangement will be able to withstand extreme heat and cold and not become a rusted-out mess.
In addition to our signature materials, LED bulbs themselves are extremely durable: they last about 25 times as long as incandescent bulbs. This is partly because they are made of epoxy lenses, not glass, so they are less likely to break.

Gazebo and pathway with lighting

Environmentally Friendly

LED lighting reduces your carbon footprint as LED bulbs aren’t made from toxic materials like incandescent outdoor lights. LED lights actually give off 90% less carbon dioxide emissions than incandescent bulbs, making it the perfect fit for the eco-conscious homeowner.


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is comprised of friendly and experienced light installation experts who will do a free walkthrough and design plan for your property that is personalized to your liking such as materials, direction and desired effects. We will even drive to your property at night to see if your LED lighting design looks just like how we planned it and make adjustments if it doesn’t take your breath away. DC homeowners can count on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to make their home lighting something to talk about. We even offer a maintenance plan so that your LED lighting stays beautiful and functional, and you don’t even need to change a single light bulb!

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