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Great Falls Outdoor Lighting

Your beautiful home and grounds may be awe-inspiring in the daytime, but do they sparkle at night? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we know that that the beautiful properties of the Great Falls and the surrounding Virginia areas are rich in special details — all of which deserve equally splendid illumination.

Illuminated Architecture

Every estate has something special about its architecture, whether it’s a historic or a contemporary structure. We specialize in highlighting those features, from exquisite stonework, to copper roofing, to hand-built doorways. (And if needed, we’ll also help you soften those exterior areas of which you’re not enamored.) Whether you choose brass post lanterns to honor a brick home’s history or a series of sleek, steel deck-lights for a modern touch, the materials and designs of the fixtures themselves will subtly enhance your estate’s most prized features.

Architectural Lighting


Chances are, you’ve painstakingly selected the shrubs, small trees and perennials that soften your foundation and line your walkways. Rather than having those special plantings turn into mere shadows at night, consider customized lighting that turns that inky blackness into a softly-lit wonderland.
Of course, security is also a top priority in our lighting solutions. We’ll make sure the area around your home well-lit for optimum safety.


Artfully-chosen lighting solutions will highlight the special features of your estate. Specimen trees, lush lawns, “midnight gardens” — all of these natural wonders, when carefully placed, have their own unique charms at night.

Features such as well lighting or strategically-placed spotlights can help those plants “blossom” at night, from above or underneath. Best of all, our bulbs are engineered to produce a warm glow, rather than a harsh glare.


The most utilitarian parts of an estate’s public face — its driveway, guest parking area and walkways — needn’t be either boring or unsafe. Wall-mounted spotlights, flat walkway lights and charming post lights all have their part to play in helping family and friends find their way to your front door, as well as to adding security.

Connect with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of DC Metro

Our team of trained and experienced lighting professionals and designers can help bring your property to life. You’ll find that here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we are a trusted choice for lighting for hospitality locations across the Great Falls area, so give us a call today at (202) 873-9113 to learn more.

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