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At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of DC Metro, our team of talented professional lighting designers will work with you to beautifully illuminate your backyard and accentuate your outdoor living space. We use the highest quality lighting fixtures with superior craftsmanship and most durable materials to keep your lighting system illuminated for many years.

Deck and pool with lighting

Enjoy Your Backyard After Dark

These are some of the ways we will make your backyard come alive at night:

  • We enhance eye appeal: We use subtle touches of energy-efficient light to accentuate features without overpowering the yard or detracting from your nighttime view. This greatly enhances eye appeal, while extending the usable square footage of your home, and opening up your deck, porch, patio or gazebo for nighttime entertaining.
  • We create dramatic focal points: With just the right lighting fixtures we can accentuate finely crafted architectural elements of your home and landscape. Your main entry will become a dramatic focal point and a welcoming vision for visitors.
  • We brighten your walkways: Move about your landscape confidently while adding night time beauty. Path and walkway lighting can be accomplished with properly placed fixtures or by downlighting from existing mature trees or structures. The light source is placed so you will only enjoy the beauty of your hardscapes and landscape, not the glare of an obtrusive light source.
  • We enhance your deck and outdoor kitchen: Enjoy evening entertainment on your beautiful terrace, patios, and decks. Our well designed and installed lighting can dramatically increase your evening enjoyment of your outdoor living areas. Outdoor kitchens can be well lit to make entertaining easier and safer. Stairways between outdoor living areas and landscapes can be made safe by carefully designed and installed lighting.
  • We create artistic lighting effects: Extend your backyard’s beauty into the night time hours. Mature trees can have downlighting installed to let light spill down through the leaves and branches creating interesting shape and shadows much like a full moon. Create a magical and mysterious vision! Water features and sculptures take on a mystical mood and appearance in the evening’s darkness. With our experience we can create an illusion that only expert lighting can create.

Porch, patio and deck lights not only allow you to use your outdoor spaces late into the evening, but also increase the safety and security of your backyard. And with our fully programmable automatic lighting controls, the whole yard can switch on and off each evening. Owning the night was never easier.

Call (202) 873-9113 for a free night time design demonstration and see your home transform with outdoor lighting!

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