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Washington, DC Outdoor Lighting

Washington, DC is home to some of the most powerful men and women in the United States. As such, it is host to a variety of neighborhoods, from the historic to the chic, all of which look beautiful in the day, and with the right lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of DC Metro, can be breathtaking at night.

Enhancing Your Home’s Historical Charm

Whether you live in a townhouse in Dupont circle or Georgetown, or a bustling home with a yard in the picturesque Palisades neighborhood, focusing on curb appeal will raise the value of both your property and your neighborhood. In Washington, DC, it’s common to see charming historic brick houses flanked by gorgeous gardens and big leafy plants that grow abundantly. The warm, temperate climate makes it easy for your yard to thrive. While this is certainly a beautiful aesthetic, lush green yards with immense gardens are much more eye-catching with the right lighting. Rather than have these special plantings turn into mere shadows in the evening, consider customized lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of DC Metro that turns the inky blackness into a softly-lit wonderland.

Gated front walkway with lights

Light your Home for Safety, Security, and Aesthetics

Many condominiums and houses in Washington, DC are lucky to have decks, patios, and/or a yard for entertaining. While this extra space is lovely for extra landscaping and an outdoor spa, such space demands late night sparkle and splendid illumination from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of DC Metro to spotlight its beauty and to enhance its usability.
For curb appeal, you can turn your front door into your house’s focal point by painting it a bright color that will draw the eye in. In doing so, be sure to light the front of your home, since safety and security are of utmost importance, and are a top priority in our lighting solutions at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of DC Metro. We’ll make sure that your entrance and the area around your home is well-lit for optimum safety and security. Having a well-lit exterior will also make your home feel welcoming to invited friends and family at all hours.


Another beautiful thing about DC is that residents can experience all four seasons: crisp, colorful leaves in the fall; powdery white snow in the winter; cherry blossoms in the spring; and warm, humid summers. No matter what season it is, curb appeal is always an important factor to keep your home beautiful and your yard usable for longer. Because there are so many amazing homes in DC, it’s important to make your property stand out. Give your exterior tasteful updates that will emphasize any historic charm and play up its unique features.


Besides being home to beautiful residences, monuments, and government buildings, Washington, D.C. is a bustling commercial metropolis. Locals and tourists come to DC to eat at their favorite restaurants, stay at luxury hotels, shop at upscale stores and boutiques, and do business in offices. Commercial properties in Washington, DC can get noticed with more curb appeal and stay open longer with commercial lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of DC Metro. We specialize in BOTH commercial and residential properties.

From history buffs to young families to government employees to professionals, Washington DC neighborhoods have something to offer all kinds of people. If you live in DC, make the most of your home or business with lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of DC Metro for aesthetics, safety, and security.

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