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Stairway Lighting Helps Keep You Safe!

A dark stairway can be dangerous. Every year, over a million people are either injured, hospitalized, or killed due to stair trip and fall issues. Proper stairway lighting can help prevent accidents and provide guidance as you and your guests as you traverse the stairs. Don’t underestimate the importance of illuminating your exterior stairways!

Exterior stairway lighting is one of the best home improvement investments you can make to your property. To light your outdoor stairway, there are several different types of lights and mounting options to consider, as follows:

Tread lighting – This type of lighting fits right into the vertical face of the steps. The light shines down onto the step directly beneath it. The fixture looks natural and is barely seen because of the way it is installed.

Down Lighting – Fixtures are mounted high up in a tree or architectural elements and illuminate the steps below. Directed onto a staircase, this type of lighting can provide effective lighting, while also maintaining a serene atmosphere.

Path Lighting – Path lighting is done to illuminate pathways, but can also be used to light up the steps.

Rail Lighting – These fixtures are mounted onto the post or railing of your stairs. They are an effective way to light the steps beneath the railing.

Stair lighting installations often require precise placement and technical knowledge so it’s important to hire experts, such as Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Metro DC.

Looking for inspiration for your stairway lighting project? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Metro DC, a landscape lighting designer will have the experience and knowledge to consider safety, security, and beauty when creating a custom lighting design. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your exterior stairway lighting needs, please feel free to contact us. If you’re ready to start spending more evenings enjoying your outdoor space, schedule a free consultation and night-time demonstration! Call us today (202) 873-9113!