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Lighting Up Your Outdoor Water Feature

Do you have a water feature in your backyard that makes you feel calm and content whenever you look at it? Of course, you want to spend time enjoying it, but days are getting shorter. With our help, you can enjoy your water feature whenever you choose to with the right lighting. An investment, such as a water feature on your property, should not only be shown off during the day but also after sun sets!

Submersible lights have been a popular way to provide light in dark backyard water features. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Metro DC provide submersible lights in specific situations, and offer lifetime warranty on select fixtures.

Our designers prefer to use downlighting around water features to make the entire landscape look great at night. Here’s why:

• Multiple angles: In addition to lighting from one angle within the water feature, our designers use lights from multiple angles above and around the pond in trees or within the bordering landscape.

• Safety benefit: Downlighting shines the light not only on the pond, but also on the area around the water feature, which is a great safety benefit.

• Highlight surrounding landscaping: Downlighting also spotlights surrounding landscaping, making it the most aesthetically pleasing area of the pond.

Downlighting your water feature can create beautiful effects to capture rockwork, plant life, and more. We look forward to working with you to bring your water feature to life whenever you choose to enjoy it.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we understand the art of blending safety with the aesthetic aspect of a lighting design. During our free nighttime assessment, you’ll meet with one of our lighting designers to discuss all your lighting needs. Call us today (202) 873-9113 to make an appointment!