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Feel Safer in Your Home or Business with Security Lighting

These long days of summer are wonderful, but sadly they don’t last forever. With darkness creeping in earlier every day, you may be considering adding lights for security and safety at your home or business. Security lighting can be a great asset and unobtrusive – when properly installed and used – but like most improvements, it takes a bit of forethought and preplanning.

The Best of Intentions

Security lighting can increase visibility, boost feelings of safety, and deter criminal activity. The following are some additional advantages of lighting:

● A clear view of outdoor home/business areas
● Feeling safe and secure by eliminating dark areas
● Safety around troublesome areas like pools, stairs, and other trip hazards
● Deterring wildlife. Deer, possum, skunks, raccoons are all less likely to wander near lit areas.
● Visibility for cameras and other surveillance devices

Security Lighting Doesn’t Need to Be Harsh to Be Effective

When most people think of outdoor security lighting, they automatically picture harsh floodlights and blinding motion detectors. This is useful, but addresses the issue only when something or someone is already on the property. Studies show a lighting system is the most effective deterrent to keep trouble away. In addition to acting only as a last warning, too often these harsh lights overpower a property and take away from the home’s natural beauty. However, lighting doesn’t need to be harsh and startling to be effective.

Professionally installed low-voltage landscape lighting softly illuminates and elegantly enhances your home and property while protecting the whole family.

When lighting for safety and security, we’ll focus on eliminating several trouble areas. Areas such as:

● Dark shadows, or “blind spots” on the house facade.
● Near doors or posts that show your address. This aspect is offer overlooked. If your address isn’t easily seen at night, it can slow down the response to of emergency services.
● Walkways, paths, landscaping, outdoor living areas, and all outdoor structures.
● The perimeters of the property. Trees or wooded areas can be inviting hiding places for trespassers and wildlife. Illuminating those areas will give you peace of mind.

Strategically lighting your home, the areas surrounding your home, and the perimeter of your property, makes it less inviting for a potential intruder. Instead of looking for access, they move on to an easier target.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we understand the art of blending safety and security with the aesthetic aspect of a lighting design. During our free nighttime assessment, you’ll meet with one of our lighting designers to discuss all your lighting needs. Call us today (202) 873-9113 to make an appointment!