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Landscape Lighting for Trees

Do you have lots of trees in your yard? As you likely know, trees provide numerous benefits to the environment and a home. When it comes to outdoor lighting, when properly lit at night, they expand the premises of your property, increase security, and boost curb appeal.

Trees are commonly classified as coniferous (pine or bearing cones) or deciduous (falling leaves). When lighting the trees on your property, you’ll want to consider the type of tree, its age, and how you use your property. Trees provide year-round enjoyment along with many other benefits. Professionally installed landscape lighting enhances the beauty of a tree and can be used to increase nighttime security, safety, and boost curb appeal.

Here are some benefits to lighting trees:

• Adding light at the base of deciduous trees illuminates the canopy as well as the bark structure. Whether its dormant or not, the bark is a feature of the tree throughout all seasons. Therefore, tree lighting brings year-round enjoyment. Imagine the natural beauty a snow covered up-lighted tree brings during the winter months!

• Illuminating trees provides ambient light in the yard, making it easier for the homeowners to see what is happening on their property and to safely move around their property at night.

• Illuminating trees also provides an element of security. It’s difficult for an intruder to hide on the property, or even approach the home, with a well-lit yard. The same technique works for lighting trees along paths, walkways, and driveways.

• Subtle light brings out the natural colors of the tree and creates interest in the yard at night.

Down-lighting is a technique commonly used in trees to illuminate patios, paths, walkways, and driveways. The light fixture is installed high up in a tree and shines down onto an area. The light catches the leaves and branches of the tree to create a unique shadowing effect. You can also choose a combination of downlighting and uplighting (i.e. downlighting a path using mature trees and uplighting smaller trees in the background to create some ambient light).

Schedule your free consultation with an outdoor lighting designer to discuss your lighting needs. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of DC Metro has decades of experience creating elegant designs and completing flawless installations. Our team takes pride in creating lighting designs that look great at night! During our free nighttime assessment, you’ll meet with one of our lighting designers to discuss all your lighting needs.