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Pool Deck Lighting – An Absolute Must Have

I was recently on vacation with my family celebrating my parents’ anniversary. We had rented a house down south for all of us, complete with a beautiful outdoor living space. It had a great screened porch, deck and pool that my young nephews loved, but we quickly realized there was a downside.

Every night, we would all go outside and have a drink and appetizers out by the pool. One night, it turned into a lot of talking and we didn’t even realize that it had gotten dark. Apparently, neither did my 4-year old nephew, Colin. He couldn’t see where he was stepping and almost fell in the pool (luckily my brother caught him just in time).

Pools are a great addition to any outdoor living space, but they can also be dangerous. It is very important that you can see not only the edge of the pool at all times, but also anything that may be on the pool deck. If someone trips and falls, they could fall into water, or down on the hard pool surrounding.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we offer lighting around the pool so that the space can be enjoyed all day and night long, but still be safe! The edges of the pool deck can be lit with path, deck or spotlighting. Many times we use a mixture of lighting techniques as we find it is the best way to ensure there are no dark spots. Take this photo for example, the pool itself had some lighting, but the surrounding patio was curved with flower beds that could have been easy to trip on. Path lights of varying heights were used throughout the space to make sure visitors could see where they were stepping.

Lighting unique pool features is also a great way to provide safe footing. This pool has beautiful stone columns with water features and a pergola on top. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives used down lights to highlight the stone and to light the water and pool deck. Additional landscape lighting was installed around the space to give an even wash of light to the entire space.

pool lighting

Pool deck lighting is an absolute must if you want to use the space both day and night. Without it, the space could be unsafe. If you would like to discuss your pool lighting options, please contact your local Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.