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Outdoor Lighting Highlights Charlotte’s Distinguished Trees

To be counted among the nations largest cities, Charlotte is rich with trees. Consider the Queens area, Dilworth, the Plaza, and Providence. In some of these areas, trees even stretch over roads. Most big cities don’t have the beautiful, old trees we boast. Not only do trees beautify our city, they beautify our homes, give us shade, provide a place for our children and pets to play, and tell the world that our neighborhoods are established. Since we are so lucky to have them, they deserve to be showcased, and there is no better way to put trees in the spotlight than landscape lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte.

When lighting trees, you want to draw attention to detail and form and to be sure that the canopy of the tree is visible. You don’t want to distract, in any way, from the tree’s natural beauty. A common mistake made when lighting trees involves putting the lighting fixture too close to the tree. In these instances, the light will create a white spot on the tree where all detail is lost under the power of the light. This can be avoided by placing the light eighteen or more inches away from the tree. Our designers have many years of experience lighting trees and will be able to determine the optimal fixture position for each of your lights, ensuring that your trees are attractively illuminated.

Tree UplightingUplighting is a technique that involves placing spotlights near the ground and angling them upward in the direction of the tree. This technique casts dramatic shadows that will exact notice from guests and neighbors. Your property will come alive after the sun goes down, and the shadows will no longer hide your oldest, most respected landscape elements. Our designers also consider all angles from which your trees might be viewed. If the tree will be viewed from only one angle, a single light may get the job done, but if the tree is to be view from a variety of points, multiple lights may be needed.

If your yard contains any number of these old giants, or even a new addition, consider highlighting them. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charlotte. We will illuminate your trees so they receive the attention they deserve and continue to distinguish your property long after the sun has set.Uplighting on Trees